I literally visualized driving “up” to Canada and “down” to Texas. Having a compass point was useless…a needle pointing North never told me which way I should point myself. Directions became even more complicated when I lived in sunny San Diego. NO ONE went West unless they wanted to fall into the ocean. Telling direction… Read More

Keeping physically fit is very important and is able to be done without a personal trainer. Realize how vital it is to stay active and keep moving. Always consult with a physician before beginning any physical regime. Enjoyable and simple activities are easily incorporated into daily routines Here are five easy activities gentle on joints… Read More

Result? Gertrude was flat on her back, staring at the ceiling, determining whether it was a blessing or a curse no one witnessed her predicament. Warnings from friends began fading in and out of Gertrude’s mind. She knew she was getting older and isn’t as strong as she once was. A favorite niece had suggested… Read More

Now you may be needing to decide for yourself or a loved one if it is time to transition into Assisted Living. This decision is both critical and important. Assisted Living is often ignored by the person but recognized by family, friends and doctors. At times it is difficult for family members to find the… Read More

He grew up milking dairy cows, slopping hogs, gathering eggs and husking corn. He ate homemade bread, meat raised and butchered at home and drank unpasteurized milk. Elmer went to church every Sunday and when Uncle Sam called him to unknown corners of the world during the war he did not hesitate. Elmer married, went… Read More