Depression in Seniors is a very serious mood disorder.  Feeling sad occasionally is unfortunately a normal part of life, especially as you or your loved one is going through a big life change.  However, if these symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, you may be experiencing depression.  This is a very serious situation […]


Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Goofy hats, decorations, balloons, theme cakes, and ice cream are traditional party items. Quite a few of us, however, have begun to celebrate in more moderate ways. Duplication of earlier festivities has one thinking twice as a latest census predicts people over the age of 65 could number 77 […]


Most recall the lyrics “your knee bone connected to your thigh bone; your thigh bone connected to your hip bone…” ad infinitum.  Joints are connectors of bones and provide the support and movement bones need. Healthy joints mean healthy bones and are important to a Senior’s Quality of Life. Over one-third of Seniors over the […]


What was once deemed senile is now diagnosed as age-associated memory dementia, mild cognitive impairment, or dementia. Numerous studies show 40% of Seniors over the age of 65 will have some degree of memory loss. Only five to eight percent of this age group will progress to dementia or Alzheimer’s. Lifestyle: largely responsible for brains […]


Volunteer: verb, freely offer to do something. The Volunteer Hub reports volunteerism has saved the United States over $184 billion dollars with one hour of volunteerism reported to be worth $28.54. Women outnumber men in volunteer work, thirty percent are baby boomers, and according to an AmeriCorps report, people who volunteer over 100 hours annually are among […]