We would like to officially welcome our newest franchisee, Marcia Buchla to the Bridge to Better Living team! Marcia will be helping Seniors and their families in Port Charlotte, Florida find the right community for every Senior. Marcia is a jack of all trades, and has spent 20 years in banking, was once a USPS […]


With the right exercises, seniors can enhance their quality of life. Mental or physical well-being means staying active, using muscles and neurons… which are keys to a long and healthy life. Exercise, of course, pays no attention to weather… although a more positive spin is possible with the brightness and warmth of summer months. Now […]


Open your windows! Open your doors! Step outside and take a deep breath! Unless you live in the midst of a smog filled city… your lungs will enjoy a good dose of fresh air. Oxygen is taken for granted, but there is no arguing air fresh beats stuffy every time. In the late 1800s and […]


Seniors are highly susceptible to loneliness. More than 40% of Seniors have reported feeling lonely. However, many practical ways exist to increase Quality of Life and at the same time decrease loneliness. Bridge to Better Living suggests three basic approaches to start feeling happier.   Hobbies Hobbies provide a sense of purpose. Even with advancing […]


Seniors need to be advised of a recent Medical University of South Carolina report, stating approximately seventy-five percent of strokes occur in people over the age of seventy, with stroke possibilities doubling each decade after the age of fifty-five. A stroke is a loss of blood flow to part of the brain, subsequently damaging brain […]