The article discusses the upward trajectory of the senior population in the Lincoln, NE area over the next 25+ years to come, as well as the growing demand for senior housing to accommodate this projected increase. Currently, the lack of Assisted-Living communities presents a waiting issue for many seniors in the area. “Although the needs… Read More

There are a host of potential dangers to seniors left in isolation. Risks include depression, injury, health decline and falls to name a few. We are communal beings needing to have contact with others. This doesn’t diminish with age. So how do you help your aging loved one avoid these pitfalls and keep from becoming… Read More

The stay may have been overnight, a week or much longer but there is something refreshing about finally going home. However, your feelings of relief at leaving the hospital may be mingled with uncertainty about how to care for your loved one without the help of professionals 24/7. The right follow-up care is essential. The… Read More

They were a perfect dance team and many of their friends were met and kept at the Friday night Dance Club. Sadly, it seems those days have come to an end with technology and an entirely different world of socialization. For the pre-Baby Boomers however, dance is still a religion. Seniors love moving to their… Read More

We all talk about the weather and sadly accept there is nothing we are able to do about it. Personal comfort however does present wise choices. Hibernation If only this was as easy as it sounds. As people age their ability to feel temperature change decreases. Most Senior Living Communities have individual thermostats in their… Read More