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Our History

Learn more about the history of Bridge to Better Living and why you should choose us as your assisted and Senior retirement consultants.

With Passion From Our Founder, Mary Ann Stallings

We ask the questions, and you give us the answers. We help you make choices with confidence and reassurance that you are making the right decision.

Choose Bridge to Better Living as your Senior Lifestyle Consultant.

As we age new challenges and opportunities arise. Continuing your lifestyles should not end with retirement, mobility, or celebrating a new birthday. In this specific time of your life’s journey, let us help you or someone you love honor themselves, celebrate their depth of wisdom and continue to reach the full dimension of the gifts yet to be given.

Bridge to Better Living is designed to remove the guess work and lessen the time and frustration from the process of finding a community—for you, a loved one, or a friend. It is critical you have one-on-one support to help guide and transition you through this difficult process. We do the investigating, the leg work, and provide you with your options.

Bridge to Better Living is dedicated to helping you and your loved one find the best Assisted Living or Senior Retirement Community.

The history of Bridge To Better Living started to unfold at an early age while visiting my grandfather in a nursing home. I quickly discovered a passion and concern for the elderly and various Senior lifestyle communities.

My mother and I would visit him often but I noticed others who never had any visitors; they longed for companionship so I would talk with them and I often played their favorite hymns on the piano. Later my grandmother was in the same nursing home and although they tried to meet the needs of their residents, they had very few activities or exercise programs to help the residents stay physically fit and mentally alert.

This awareness of the importance of Senior living continued because my husband’s parents were older when he was born, and consequently, our entire married life has involved the care of older parents, both his and mine. We were also the guardians for an aunt and uncle who depended on us for most of their care and important decisions and we helped a friend who suddenly found it necessary to make a move on her own and needed assistance in the decision.

Through caring for these loved ones we have had to find different communities to meet the unique needs of each person. The process of finding the right place was always confusing and no matter how many times we did it, we found ourselves starting over. This process involved not only deciding what type of community was needed but also where to begin. The time it took was more than we had ever thought or dreaded…valuable time from our young family and my husband’s profession.

My involvement with different living communities extends beyond the care of parents and friends; my severely handicapped brother lived his whole life in the Beatrice State Developmental Center and was the first of four residents to die in January of 2009. As his guardian I wish I had known of available options before it was too late.

I watched with empathy as residents were moved to other communities as families had no choice in the situation and then later when the families found themselves at a loss trying to find the right community to meet their loved ones’ needs. Situations like these can be sudden and time imposed while others may have the time to look and choose the living community that meets their needs.

The history behind these events are the reason I want to help people in their search for the most appropriate community.

Bridge to Better Living became a reality after I began researching and talking with others about how I could help guide them and provide beneficial services for the searching process.

Bridge to Better Living®