Keeping physically fit is very important and is able to be done without a personal trainer. Realize how vital it is to stay active and keep moving. Always consult with a physician before beginning any physical regime.

Enjoyable and simple activities are easily incorporated into daily routines Here are five easy activities gentle on joints and good for aging bodies.

Take a Hike – Leave behind the couch potato mentality and become active. Physicians and chiropractors advise walking as a great way to begin exercising. Start by walking five minutes and then increase time each day. Soon short strolls become mini marathons. Walks occur everywhere with malls having Silver Sneaker clubs, nature centers hosting walking groups for seniors who love the outdoors, even simply walking around the block.

Get in Touch with Your Inner Fish – Aquatics have little joint resistance and provide many benefits. Swim laps, enjoy time at the pool with grandchildren, enroll in water aerobics class or simply walk back and forth in the spool’s shallow end. Water provides a natural resistance to strengthen muscles and also relieve stress.

Stretch Out of Your Comfort Zone – Regular stretching exercises improve flexibility. Stretching keeps bodies limber and helps stiff joints loosen. Isometric exercises improve posture. .Stretching a little farther everyday helps individuals feel look better as muscles become toned. Reaching a little farther every day helps individuals feel and look better as muscles become toned.

Yoga Comes in All Flavors – Whether you are a novice or an expert, learning a few choice moves will help with flexibility and focus. Many people think of yoga as the practice of human pretzelship. However, yoga is a calming, peaceful exercise easing stress, toning the body and helping minds remain active. All ages, sizes and skill levels find practicing yoga beneficial. If you are just getting started, look for a class catering to older adults with an instructor who fits your needs and skill level.

Tai Chi … Don’t Fall off Your Rocker – Tai Chi, a low impact exercise, focuses minds on slow, deliberate movements while practicing deep breathing and restores energy and physical balance. Better balance resulting from Tai Chi offers stress reduction, increased bone density, pain management and a boost to the immune system Chinese have practiced this form of exercise for centuries. A recent study by the Oregon Research Institute has shown people over the age of 65 improved their fitness levels the most by doing tai chi twice a week. Often groups of seniors practice Tai Chi in parks, fitness Programs and Senior Center.

Low impact, easy going activities provide a wealth of health benefits. Regular exercise is the best defense and offense against a variety of maladies. Doctors recommend exercise as a means of forestalling dementia, managing pain, boosting cognitive abilities, reducing stress and building strength. So, put on your walking shoes, get a new swimsuit and workout clothes. Do whatever it takes and set your body in motion!