I literally visualized driving “up” to Canada and “down” to Texas. Having a compass point was useless…a needle pointing North never told me which way I should point myself. Directions became even more complicated when I lived in sunny San Diego. NO ONE went West unless they wanted to fall into the ocean. Telling direction from the position of the sun only caused blurry vision…besides, North was up, right?

My entire life has been setting landmarks in order to leave Point A and arrive at Point B. Even parking a car in the neighborhood grocery store requires taking note of which side of the main entrance, the cart return rack locations and whether the car is pointed at one angle or another. Driving demands knowing where the City Capital is or visualizing the river dividing my city from the “big” city (on the East by the way…I think). Driving at night is similar to floating in space for an undetermined length of time.

Therefore when someone says they are “lost” my heart just breaks. Even if it is not a directional concern, this person is a kindred spirit. When a client expresses how “lost” they are in the process of finding placement in any type of Senior Living I feel a shiver of anticipation. We are going to explore options together. It’s going to be a journey with a purpose, full of landmarks and new friends met along the way. I “get” being a Transition Consultant. We’re going to be family. Unfold the map.

As a Transition Consultant listening to people’s needs and wants in their new home I easily picture them in not only apartments but communities where they “fit.” Dining, the feel of the “neighborhood”, finding peers, access to transportation and last but not least the ability to enjoy a quality of life.

It may take a few U-turns but doing it together and achieving a destination is an indescribable adrenaline rush of success… for everyone.

This road map is best traversed with an expert. Did I say I was an expert at getting lost? The caveat of knowing landmarks, where to turn and who to ask for directions makes my role as a Transition Consultant one where expert is synonymous with “locator.” Clients may begin a search for Independent Living and discover the amenities of Assisted Living more appropriate. Some may feel Assisted Living is needed and find they are capable of living in Independent Living with the opportunities to be more actively engaged.

A Transition Consultant doesn’t insist the client is facing North or South. What matters is people recognizing the time is now to become earnest in thinking about Senior Living Options. Being pro-active and using an experienced Bridge to Better Living® navigator isn’t a direction. It’s a great choice.

Set your compass. Call Bridge to Better Living®. Ask for the directionally challenged Transition Consultant.