He recognized the importance of liking yourself and rejoicing in the uniqueness of being “you.” Each of us is our own best friend whether we like it or not. Knowing best what pleases or displeases us; realizing our own strengths and weaknesses is an exclusive strength.

Do people change? Yes, they do. Do people’s perceptions of themselves alter? Sometimes. Is there a “one fits all” approach to Senior Living? Definitely not!

In a perfect world, a person would be healthy and live to a ripe old age never faltering or needing assistance to achieve an exceptional quality of life. The world is not perfect. Strokes, failing minds and neurological diseases cause serious changes in gait and balance. Large floor plans become challenging as well as tiring. Vision becomes compromised with macular degeneration and glaucoma. Having an entire Senior Living Community comprised of libraries, restaurant style dining, in-house entertainment and social activities provide residents opportunity to remain physically and socially engaged.

In a perfect world we would wake up every day anticipating day filled with new direction. It is difficult at best to accept changes age brings. We are primarily young at heart and wish for quality in our years. Living in a home we have created generates a comfort zone. Moving and leaving all the “stuff” doesn’t indicate failure, it signifies success in making memories and opening minds to creating more.

In a perfect world, the choice would be easy. If you have seen one Senior Living Community…you have seen one Senior Living Community. Like people, Independent, Assisted, Memory Care and Skilled Care arrive in all shapes and sizes. Each community is unique and its own neighborhood. Finding a new home meeting individual needs socially, medically, physically and especially financially by yourself is overwhelming. A neighbor has one suggestion; a friend has another. There is only one you needing to be satisfied.

Contact an expert. Use a Bridge to Better Living® Transition Consultant. Be comfortable asking questions, making suggestions, even revealing family secrets. Formulating a plan with an expert is priceless. Just ask Elmer who used Bridge to Better Living®, despite his shuffling gait and diminishing eyesight and stubbornness. He found a community celebrating his uniqueness. Elmer now has BBL’s phone number on speed dial. Shouldn’t you? After all, there’s nobody “youer” than you. BBL Services