Your service has been a true gift.

"My search for Senior Living was time well spent with your expertise and the information was invaluable. I made my move knowing it was the right choice."


Now we have time to see Dad and enjoy visiting as a family instead of caregiving.

"Thanks for finding him a “happy place.” – Son of a Client"

Son of a Client

BBL was so kind and helpful to my mother-in-law during a very difficult time.

"Your expertise and shoulder to cry on was so needed. There is just something very special about the BBL team we didn’t receive from anyone else. May God bless you and every family you touch!"

Daughter In Law of a Client

The help of Bridge to Better Living truly made all the difference...

"It’s pretty evident this isn’t a typical ‘job’ for Bridge to Better Living. They care. When we realized Dad would have a hard time going directly to his new home instead of his old home of 27 years, they agreed to pick him up and deliver him to the new home. No hesitation. We were there to greet him and help get him settled, aided by a neutral party to smooth the transition. The help of Bridge to Better Living truly made all the difference in the world."

Piontek Family

Bridge to Better Living listened...

"The first time we sat down with Bridge to Better Living to start the discussion, all the way through getting Dad moved, checking up on him and us during and after the move, they have been great. Bridge to Better Living listened to not just the words in our conversations, but understood our situation and what we truly needed."