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Bridge to Better Living was there for me when I needed them. My father could no longer care for my mother. As an only child I knew I had to do something. Tearfully I met with Mary Ann and Robbie. Soon another meeting was scheduled with the two of them by my side as we discussed options with my parents. They found an apartment, we toured, papers were signed and Mom and Dad moved in. Today my mother's health is remarkably better and I have my life back to spend time with my teenage daughter and enjoy my parents as their daughter. I will always be grateful and will never forget my angels - Mary Ann and Robbie.



Our first meeting we decided we needed memory care.  Tours were immediately arranged.  However, Dad found it overwhelming and wasn’t sure if he was ready.  Bridge to Better Living understood.  We regrouped over lunch and they revisited the different types of living options, resulting in a new look at independent living. Tours were immediately set up for the same day.  Bridge to Better Living helped us find a place hours later, and a deposit was made to be put on a waiting list.  A few weeks later Dad went to the hospital and we needed to act quickly to move him somewhere, and it was the weekend!  Bridge to Better Living called the Director of the chosen place and we were spared going through the weekend not knowing what we would do.  BBL was there to address all concerns through the entire process. 

Tomasek Family


At 82 years old, our Mother came to the realization she could no longer manage in her own home and set out to research alternatives without the family’s knowledge. She was referred to Bridge for Better Living and connected with her personal angel, BBL. They recognized Mom’s limited ability to make decisions on her own and encouraged Mom to actively engage the rest of the family for help. Being in Dallas, TX it was difficult at best to get back to Lincoln and spend the time needed to evaluate the various facilities. BBL put together detailed information for us on each facility and coordinated site visits based on my ability to travel. She grounded us all with caring support at a time of emotional turmoil as we transitioned to this new phase of life for Mom. The facility we decided upon has been an excellent fit and the entire family is at peace knowing Mom is where she safely needs to be. To say Mary Ann is an outstanding professional does not fully cover what she truly does for others. She is much more to our family and remains a friend for life. Thank you so much BBL as we could not have made it through without you.  You were a Bridge for Better Living for all of us!

Robin Haeffner


BBL responds to a person’s needs promptly and efficiently. I talked to her on a Monday and by Friday we had a facility for my husband. She is very knowledgeable about all the communities, what they have to offer, and how they would meet the needs of her clients. They also maintains connections with their clients to make sure the transitions are going smoothly and the client’s needs are being met.



Thanks for the help and professional support that you were able to give us in our search for an assisted living facility for my dad. We had a hard time knowing what to look for when we started out. It seems like it should be an easy and straightforward process, but it really isn't.   Your experience kept us from going down dead ends that wouldn't have worked out for us in the long run. Dad is satisfied with his new living arrangement. That's quite an accomplishment, considering that he'd lived independently as an adult until age 91 and wasn't amenable to moving from his house until recently. Also, I'm pretty sure that without your assistance we'd still be looking or waiting for an apartment to become available, given the typical waiting lists at the nicer facilities.   I never fully realized how much I used to worry about my father while he was living at home. When he moved into his new community it truly was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks again for your help!



When we saw there was going to be a need for an Assisted Living or Long Term Care Facility for Nancy, BBL worked with us to locate a facility that would fulfill Nancy's care needs. She provided us information on several facilities and scheduled interviews and tours of the facilities we were interested in visiting. We were very pleased with their understanding of where Nancy would be satisfied with the staff and care provided at the facility. Nancy has adjusted to her new environment quite satisfactorily.

DeLoyd & Nancy Larsen


I cannot explain to you in a testimonial how working with BBL changed my life. I could no longer provide the weekly 20+ hour level of care my parents required, work full time, and maintain any level of sanity. She listened and she understood. She is professional and passionate in her quest to help others. It was uplifting to talk with someone who “had been there.” They were organized and competent in their field of experience. As we visited different communities/facilities they had the knowledge and insight to ask questions I would have never asked. As we visited, we worked through a check list of options and BBL provided me with a spread sheet comparing all the communities/facilities we visited. In my opinion, Bridge to Better Living, should be considered as a primary liaison for those looking to find the best facility for their loved ones. They displays no bias, remains focused on the best communities based on my feedback, and provided practical options. My marriage and family are healthier (physically and mentally) for having worked through this transition. I wish BBL all the best in their new, innovative career path and I will always remember them as a referral. 



Had we not visited with BBL and received their assistance, we would not have been as satisfied with the decision we have made as to where and why we needed to find our mother an assisted memory care community. We were not getting any help from my Mom's physician back home so BBL's input really helped us. It was the best decision we have made for Mom.



My family was looking for a skilled care facility for my Mom after my dad died. All the skilled care facilities turned us down, but after finding Bridges to Better Living website, one email turned into one phone call and my mom was placed in a beautiful Skilled Care facility. Thank you Mary Ann. 



We owe you a big THANK YOU for your help in getting our parents to a retirement community. Without your help I’m not sure where they would be today. You helped them find just the right place and helped convince them it was the right time for them to move. Mom and Dad have moved into their new home and I am very happy to report that they are doing very well. They have begun to participate in some of the activities, have met new friends and have become reacquainted with some they knew before. They especially love the food: Dad loves the variety and Mom loves not having to cook. I’m sure they miss their old home but they don’t say much about it. In short, they are adapting better than we ever hoped they would. Thank you so much for everything you did for them.



Professional, knowledgeable, congenial, caring, and consistent. These adjectives all describe BBL, a service who came alongside us when our sister needed help to transition into independent living in Lincoln. Since our homes are in Colorado, we were grateful to find someone who could give us a number of options, which guided us to a place which has the atmosphere our sister can enjoy, the financial range which fits her budget, and the confidence for us that she has caring people around her day-to-day. BBL’s quick responses by phone or e-mail took much stress off our shoulders as she walked our sister through paperwork and took personal interest in her during the process. They know the community well, and was able to supply a wealth of information, saving us much time in trying to do things long-distance or on-line. BBL adjusted their schedules to spend time with us on our trips to Lincoln and were on hand to answer questions as they arose. Thank you Bridge to Better Living for being there when we needed help.



Thank you so much for helping me with my Dad's care. There are so many people that have to navigate this convoluted system, many without assistance, support or resources. I am so lucky to have all of those things. You are a true gift to so many people, I appreciate all that you do!



The first time we sat down with BBL to start the discussion, all the way through getting Dad moved, checking up on him and us during and after the move, they have been great.  BBL listened to not just the words in our conversations, but understood our situation and what we truly needed.



It’s pretty evident this isn’t a typical ‘job’ for Bridge to Better Living.  They care.  When we realized Dad would have a hard time going directly to his new home instead of his old home of 27 years, they agreed to pick him up and deliver him to the new home.  No hesitation.  We were there to greet him and help get him settled, aided by a neutral party to smooth the transition.  The help of Bridge to Better Living truly made all the difference in the world.

Piontek Family

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