Transitioning to a community offering assistance is a positive and proactive move when ensuring the safety and well-being of loved ones. Choosing the appropriate community allows peace of mind when you know your loved one is in a safe, caring and vibrant environment. The concept of Assisted Living is relatively new. Throughout the 20th century… Read More

He grew up milking dairy cows, slopping hogs, gathering eggs and husking corn. He ate homemade bread, meat raised and butchered at home and drank unpasteurized milk. Elmer went to church every Sunday and when Uncle Sam called him to unknown corners of the world during the war he did not hesitate. Elmer married, went… Read More

There are many directions and options to take based on experiences with family or friends. Though your thoughts and circumstances may change over the years, now is the time to discuss with your adult children feelings and preparations previously made. It is best to think ahead and preplan. Keep your loved ones informed. Creating the… Read More

He recognized an inner child in all of us, a younger version of ourselves harboring new fears as time suddenly found us in the middle of the “golden” years. “How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn.… Read More

The article discusses the upward trajectory of the senior population in the Lincoln, NE area over the next 25+ years to come, as well as the growing demand for senior housing to accommodate this projected increase. Currently, the lack of Assisted-Living communities presents a waiting issue for many seniors in the area. “Although the needs… Read More