If temperatures are too low to enjoy outdoor activities, find approaches to remain active while indoors. Spend time with loved ones, keep minds and bodies moving but most importantly…stay warm. Read on for enjoyable ideas and activities to try during the winter!


Mental exercise helps delay symptoms of aging such as memory loss and confusion. Find an opportunity this winter to spend quality time with your loved ones and share a variety of activities to stimulate their minds. A few suggestions are listed below.


Puzzles… As little as one-hour using critical thinking, matching, and organizing skills is an enormous exercise in mental ability. If fitting pieces together is too difficult, start by sorting colors. Puzzles are a perfect choice for those cozy days spent inside.

Trivia games

Trivia games have the bonus of being played with more than one person. Click on the best trivia games of 2019 and examine the listings. You may be surprised at how much or little you know.

Board games

MonopolyChess, and Life are fun classic games utilizing decision-making skills. Grandchildren are easily engaged in conversations when interacting during these games.


Blackjack anyone? Card game choices are endless. Every generation has a favorite Pinochle, Kings in the Corner, Spoons and many others are favorite choices. Pull out a score sheet and learn a new card game or even better teach someone else your preferred hand

Arts and Crafts

Crafts have the potential to become keepsakes for years. Start a family photo album and write personal notes on each page. Calendars with monthly anniversaries, birthdays and events are pleasant reminders of memories spent with loved ones. Learn needlework or pass on your own handiwork skills…bonding with the younger generation has many paybacks.

Reviewing Old Photo Albums

It is always the right time to page through old photo albums and opening invitations to Seniors to reminisce. Photographs of family and friends from years ago and recalling important moments jogs memories while bonding with a loved one.


The best preventative medicine is exercise and could be as little as a walk around the block or as intense as a rigorous cardio session at the gym. Either way, there are limitless avenues to remain active this season.


A 10-minute walk boosts Vitamin D absorption in the sunlight and keeps muscles in working shape. Find a walking buddy for accountability and conversation.


Swimming is an excellent low impact alternative to more rigorous routines. Yoga, Qigong, and Tai Chi all may have you breaking a sweat and increasing your cardiovascular health. An extra benefit is saving joints the strain of impact. Family and grandkids will enjoy jumping into the water and getting wet.


Even dance experts turn on the living room lights, stay in their pajamas and dance to their own music. If you find yourself with a “free” day turn up the volume on a favorite playlist or Zumba video and work out with creative dance moves at home!


Shopping, or retail therapy to many, is a mindless way to get steps in for the day. Plan a shopping trip with friends or family, grab a light lunch, investigate new stores and update your wardrobe or home!

Indoor yoga

Yoga, an exercise for balance and flexibility, is often practiced in the comfort of home. If you don’t have a mat, find a comfy spot and spend 15 minutes completing some simple yoga poses. Video tutorials make yoga easy to learn.

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