It should be. Medical professionals have found meditation increases mental, physical and emotional health, all concerns as we age.

Life becomes busier every year and we start to forget the small pieces of our routines or take shortcuts to allow time for other commitments. A high-speed lifestyle often results in stress, depression or even physical exhaustion. Here are 5 reasons a Senior should consider meditation important in their daily routine.

  1. Meditation helps memory – Memory loss occurring with advanced age is common. Two advantages of meditation are improvements in long-term and short-term memory. Consistent meditation practice has been proven to diminish the amygdala region of the brain associated with processing negative emotions, stress, worry, and anxiety. As a result focus, creativity, cognitive function, and happiness are enhanced. Meditation is especially helpful for those Seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.
  2. Meditation improves happiness – As well as helping to reduce stress, meditation assists in overall contentment. A longer, healthier life results when the moments of calmness and silence practiced in meditation bring inner happiness and “feel good” sensations.
  3. Meditation provides a healthier immune system – The entire body is enhanced by meditation. Studies done by the University of California have found those who meditate produce more antibodies than those who refrain. Meditating helps our bodies combat viruses more effectively.
  4. Meditation improves alertness and the ability to focus – It is difficult to have a pleasant day when stressed and exhausted. Five minutes of meditation is more effective than solving a crossword puzzle. Experts recommend consistent daily meditation to help pacify the mind and increase concentration. Meditation does take practice, so be patient. Full effects may not be noticed immediately.
  5. Meditation improves sleep – Not only will you feel good when awake but meditation will also help you sleep better. A good night’s sleep may be the most appreciated long-term benefit meditation offers. Those who suffer from insomnia or similar sleep disorders could be seeing one less pill in their pill case.

Meditation has a multitude of positive effects. If the goal is a better quality of life, daily meditation is the answer.

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