Have you thought about starting a business of your own and then hesitated due to the unpredictable and proven risks? Would you consider investing in a Franchise? A Franchise model introduces opportunities to be your own boss, manage a business and have support from a network that has already built the business systems. Countless advantages exist in buying a franchise. Yes, investing in a Franchise is a big decision, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Expand a Business Model

Owning a Franchise is an opportunity to become an entrepreneur using a proven business model. As a Franchisee, you are able to contribute suggestions into growing the Franchise brand, use your talents and build relationships important to the success of your business. Franchises allow creative freedom with the protection of a security system. Support and resources are already designed for your success. You, however, are able to take credit for the reality.

Build on Your Experience

Franchisees find success when they choose a business model fitting their experience. It is a plus when your talents are recognized as valuable and shared with customers. Staff, marketing, referrals, finance and brand building are all skills needed in a Franchise. However, you may draw on your strength and delegate other responsibilities to staff or outside resources.

Start with the Best

Relationships and resources are already in place for your business. Designed and developed operational systems provide the foundation for building your brand. Time and money will be saved when using these processes.

Enjoy a Lower Risk

Statistics show the success rate of a Franchise is 90% as opposed to a startup’s 15% chance of achievement. Loans for purchasing Franchises are more available than startup loans as a track record of success already exists. Many Franchises are registered with the Small Business Administration, a government agency providing support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Franchising, with the reality of less financial risk, is a more sustainable business venture.

Be Confident in Success

Franchising allows the freedom of being an important part of an industry or business while avoiding pitfalls by having solid support from a knowledgeable experience leadership. Franchises typically require training programs for their Franchisees and provide the tools needed for success, as well as ongoing mentorship.

Grow an Established Brand

Small businesses face the challenge of having an unknown name or brand.  Franchises, however, have an established customer base and a recognizable brand. The marketing system will guide you in the essential steps and components needed to create and manage your local marketing. Great marketing establishes and reinforces the brand while expanding the awareness of your local staff and a variety of services.

A Franchise is a worthwhile investment for those who do not want the risks of a startup business. If you are interested in franchising, Bridge to Better Living offers opportunities across the U.S. Research their road to success here.