Now is a good time to begin bettering your lifestyle or to cross off items on your bucket list. A new decade presents an opportunity to reflect on goals and constructive resolutions. Here are ideas for resolutions specially tailored towards the Seniors in your life…or you.

1.    Eat Healthy

Every year a familiar resolution is to eat more vegetables or lose weight. A healthy diet is an excellent goal whatever your age. It is especially important for Seniors to take the required vitamins and minerals needed to maintain mind and body health. This is achieved by eating a diet containing plenty of dark-green vegetables and seasonal fruits. Consult the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics guide to eating well in 2020 with some healthy meal ideas!

2.    Recognize Emotions

Depression and anxiety are debilitating symptoms of aging and stress. If you have been feeling anxious or abnormally sad, reach out to family, caregivers, church leaders or your physician. You are never alone; someone is always available to listen and help you with the roller coaster of life.

3.    Improve Sleep Patterns

Most Seniors struggle with getting enough sleep, so make one of your resolutions to try and improve that. Older adults are advised to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep each evening. If you are unable to move up your bedtime try a new nighttime routine. A walk after the evening meal or a glass of warm milk before bedtime may help you fall asleep earlier.

4.    Volunteer your time

There are so many ways to fill your time in a meaningful, positive way. Consider volunteering at a local charity or organization benefitting the local community, school or church. Quilts for newborns, hospice patients or dog shelters, care packages for the military or missions, helping to serve a hot meal are volunteer opportunities appreciated by everyone.

5.    Challenge Yourself

Did your family give you a tablet or a new smartphone as a present this holiday? Is it sitting in a drawer? Challenge yourself to learn one piece of technology this year, whether it is a phone or computer.  Grandchildren are easily bribed with sweets and will gladly teach you the tricks!

6.    Walk

One ten-minute walk a day has been shown to reduce heart attack risk and help manage weight. Challenge yourself to walk every day and slowly increase the distance. Find a walking buddy and add a social benefit to your exercise!

7.    Reconnect with an old friend

Relationships slip as life becomes hectic. Take time to reconnect with friends and family. Social media has simplified communication and adds the benefit of containing photos both of people and places!

8.    Watch Sugar Intakes

Have you noticed how chocolate and cake taste better at night? Late-night sugar consumption is a dangerous habit affecting overall health. Cavities, blood sugar levels and migraines result from a high daily sugar intake and are dangerous for Seniors. Substitute natural sugars as in whole fruits to stave off the unhealthy results of high sugar consumption.

9.    Join a Social Group

Do you like to read? Talk about philosophy? Go fishing or boating? There are countless groups offered by churches, community centers, and retired living communities for you to join. Spend your time doing the activities you enjoy.

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