The article When Life Events Merge, Good Things Can Happen, details the events that took place in order for her to take the bold step of co-creating a business that contributes to the lifestyle greatly valued in and around Lincoln, Nebraska.

“When the client loves the benefits and my employees love what they do, then my goals for Bridge to Better Living® are reaffirmed. I do thank the community of Lincoln for helping me make a dream become reality”

Mary Ann Stallings, Bridge to Better Living®

(“Mary Ann Stallings: When Life Events Merge, Good Things Can Happen”, L Magazine, Lincoln’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine)

Randy Bretz, the author of the article, details how the events that take place in our lives are what motivate us to stand up and make a difference in our community. He further parallels the cause and effects of co-creators with the positive impact Mary Ann Stallings continues to make in and around her community. “Co-creators are people who see a need and take bold steps to meet that need. Lincoln is blessed with many co-creators who are involved in everything from giving us some great entertainment to assisting us with the transition to senior living.”

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The Man Behind the Idea


The notion of co-creators was inspired by “For the Love of Cities” by author Peter Kageyama. In his book, he discusses the “mutual love affair between people and their place [as being] one of the most powerful influences in our lives, yet [how] we rarely think of it in terms of a relationship.”

“If cities begin thinking of themselves as engaged in a relationship with their citizens, and if we as citizens begin to consider our emotional connections with our places, we open up new possibilities in community, social and economic development by including the most powerful of motivators—the human heart—in our toolkit of city-making.”

Peter Kageyama, Author

(“For the Love of Cities“)


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