Orders from seed catalogs are arriving in the mail. Hope abounds for the first sign of green under grow lights. A little water, a little fertilizer, some nice words (Grow! Darn it!) are said. Hope abounds for the first sign of life. Vigilance is in place.

In Winter consider…are your immunizations up to date? Are you able to receive nutritional meals? Do you have social opportunities? Is there someone who knows if you are not feeling well?

It’s Spring. There isn’t a spot in the yard or the garden where there isn’t a daily surprise. Weeds have poked through and little yellow dandelions aren’t quite so dandy. Blossoms are opening weekly, the procession of color and flowers has begun. Fertilizer is being applied. The sun shines warmer, gentle rains wash away the memories of last year’s fallen crops and everywhere one looks – there is quick progressive life!

In Spring are you looking forward to each day? Do you have a purpose in your life? Are you taking your medications regularly? Are you nurturing friendships? Are you walking without the fear of losing your balance?

It’s Summer. Both vigilance and enjoyment exist in the landscape. Weeds are pulled, flowers are cut and plants are divided. Gardeners are able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of labor. Plants respond to the care they have received in prior seasons. It’s time to show proof of a well-cared life style. Whether assisted with a strong stake or independent in nature, each blossom is proof someone cared.

In Summer consider…how does your garden grow? Are you exercising? Have you had your annual physicals? Have you made plans to see family and friends? How do you bloom as a senior?

It’s Autumn. It’s time to be proactive and start the application of weed prevention. Ferns, purple cone flowers, peonies are all showing signs of fatigue after showy displays of color. Elephant ears are starting to sag and berry plants are beginning to shrivel. There is work to be done in the garden. Proactive prevention is needed so the next months aren’t so difficult. Plants know the importance of taking a deep breath, preparing for the inevitable fluctuations of a new season. Perennials will be tucked into the ground, covered in mulch, the elder plants mixed into the newer plants with expectations of nurturing even in these lives.

In Autumn consider if you will be safe at home. Will you be safe by yourself? Will you be secluded or with others who nurture your needs, personal cares and memories?

Don’t hesitate to consider the seasonal changes in life. Nurture yourself. Don’t let any grass grow under your feet. You deserve to have quality of life-Blossom.