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senior friends on the beach

How to Make New Friends in Retirement

A younger person may have easily found new friendships in school, work or through mutual family and friends. Retirement brings a different approach. However, a positive attitude toward friendship generally results in a long, happy and healthy retirement, one surrounded by friends. Local Clubs One way to find new friends is by joining a local […]
Senior Book Club Benefits | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

Senior Book Club Benefits

The benefits are endless. Retired Seniors take immense satisfaction in the time they now have to immerse themselves in a good book. Many who are visually impaired listen to audio books and visit with other bookworms. Joy is multiplied when able to share an interest in reading with others. Reading Benefits the Mind Books are […]
Tech for Seniors Keeps the Mind Young | Blog | Bridge to Better Living

Tech for Seniors Keeps the Mind Young

New technology brings surprising and positive findings for living a full and active life while investing only a little extra time and effort. Technology developed with Seniors in mind helps an older population stay sharp, interested and informed. Move Over Junior; Grampa’s Turn to Play Video Games! Parents who are concerned about unplugging their kids […]
Perks About Growing Older | Bridge to Better Living

The 10 Best Perks About Growing Older

Society values the young or even the young at heart but we at Bridge to Better Living believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with growing older. In fact there are many aspects of life to appreciate and celebrate about when aging including the following top ten.
Dealing with Post-Retirement Depression | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

Dealing with Post-Retirement Depression

When thinking about retirement two common concerns are generally "Am I saving enough for retirement?" and "How much money will I actually need for retirement?" Financial security is always a major consideration but emotional security is equally important.
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