Wow! So many articles exist emphasizing the importance of being financially prepared for retirement, but who considers the importance of being mentally prepared? We work, make investments, and feel confident retirement will be the best chapter in the book of life. Finances are important but without being mentally prepared for a very different lifestyle, happiness is not guaranteed.

Employment brings a sense of purpose through years of being a member of the workforce. This commitment disappears with retirement and yes, it is a challenge to find new purpose. However, a new role in life also presents the freedom to choose when, how, and even where a new purpose is born. Perhaps the new goal is to enjoy grandchildren more, to participate in Senior sporting events, or to be the best dog walker in the neighborhood. What is important is identifying early on a retirement goal. Realize there are no time constraints, only a focus on accomplishment and a value of self-worth.

Social circles evolve easily from relationships formed through employment and networking. Start making connections outside your usual circle of friends. Join an organization such as Kiwanis or Sertoma. Mentor a young adult or join a volunteer group at a local non-profit or faith-based organization. Broaden interests and begin making a “bucket list” of all the dreams cast aside due to time limits. Retirement is an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

Build a routine. After all, every day of work starts with a sequence of tasks. Practice a retirement schedule on the weekends or take “trial” retirement days and see how you would like to spend time when there is no clock to punch.

Research a new hobby. Pickleball, woodworking, bird watching, card games, shuffleboard, gardening… the list is endless. Surround yourself with positive people and think positive thoughts. After all “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” (George Bernard Shaw) Now is the time to live with less stress and more joy.

Bridge to Better Living’s goal with each client is to enjoy Quality of Life. Transition Consultants laugh with families, empathize often, assist, and direct Seniors through every step of the transition process. Contact Bridge to Better Living now to avoid the stress and confusion often associated with finding the best Retirement Living Option. Enjoy each chapter of life. The choice is yours.