Society values the young or even the young at heart but we at Bridge to Better Living® believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with growing older. In fact there are many aspects of life to appreciate and celebrate about when aging including the following top ten.

1. More Patience

We would never say older folks often become easily irritated. As one ages patience and tolerance increase. Annoyances and squirming grandchildren are handled with a smile. Waiting in a long line becomes an opportunity to visit with new acquaintances. Patience is a virtue   developed with time and perspective.

2. More Wisdom

As we age we will undoubtedly gain more wisdom. Seniors experience much and have more time to learn and observe than their younger counterparts. Time has allowed for education and investments in hobbies and personal interests. Wisdom is one of the many perks of growing older.

3. The Ability to Draw on Past Experiences

Life has its problems but these problems may be cyclical. Dealing with home maintenance or trying to discipline a stubborn child is simpler when having the tools and the know-how prior experience offers.

4. Older Children and Grandchildren

Of course time with your children when they were growing up is cherished. It is an entirely different relationship when they become adults. Time together and conversations are enjoyed in a different way. Plus many adult children have families of their own. Grandchildren are a joy celebrated in our golden years.

5. Time to Pursue Your Passions

Becoming older is a great opportunity to pursue activities and interests for the first time. Kayaking, bird watching, reading or writing may have been interests you would have loved to do but providing for family always took priority. As a Senior there is now time to pursue what is exciting and interesting.

6. Senior Discounts

Everyone enjoys a discount! Movies, ball games, shopping, amusement parks and other activities often offer a Senior discount. With more free time you are able to have some fun and save cash also.

7. Friends of Every Age

Younger people may have their young brunch “bunch” but age has no limits for forming friendships. Stay connected with all generations to remain current on everyday trends. Younger friends also benefit from learning about the past and your place in history.

8. Less Anxiety

Anxiety is an unfortunate part of life. Many people are anxious about bills, jobs, families, etc. As a Senior it helps to not sweat the small stuff and have more confidence everything will be just fine.

9. Being Less Self Conscious

Do you remember being embarrassed to go to school if you didn’t have “the” clothing everyone else was wearing? As we age we feel less self-conscious about our appearance and material possessions. Seniors have a better chance to demonstrate freely the kind of person they always wanted to be.

10. Retirement

Retirement is a reward for hard work performed over many decades spent waking up early, sacrificing time and balancing a hectic schedule of both family and work. This new chapter is an opportunity to play, relax and do what you love. A long and happy retirement is one of the best perks about growing older. Here’s to never setting an alarm clock again!


When ready to find Senior Living alternatives, contact Bridge to Better Living® and let us help you make the most of all the perks of growing older. Bridge to Better Living® is one of Seniors’ best friends.