The benefits are endless. Retired Seniors take immense satisfaction in the time they now have to immerse themselves in a good book. Many who are visually impaired listen to audio books and visit with other bookworms. Joy is multiplied when able to share an interest in reading with others.

Reading Benefits the Mind

Books are a natural choice for reading but newspapers and magazines are advantageous as well. Reading stimulates brain activity while the mental exercise involved helps improve blood flow to the brain. As a result, neurological problems and the effects of aging are reduced.

Those who continue to read into their golden years are less likely to develop dementia. Reading supports heightened social intelligence, the ability to empathize with others, reasoning and critical thinking.

Book Clubs and Socialization

Too often Senior citizens become secluded. Isolation is a constant source of problems challenging a Senior’s health. Depression, poor nutrition and high blood pressure may be experienced when lonely. A book club provides an opportunity to meet others who share a love of books.

Enhanced Thinking Skills, Articulated Thoughts

Imagine the possible stimulation and energy found in a book club. Books one would never dream of opening are read while engaging with others in lively discussions. Critical thinking skills are inevitably sharpened when participating in a discussion of books read by fellow club members. Alternative views are certain to be expressed by the readers. Opportunities to share personal views and debate perceptions improve one’s ability to voice opinions.

Personal views are expected to be defended. A Senior’s brain is active on many levels as a justification is formulated. Critical thinking skills surface when engaged in friendly arguments. The ability to formulate a positive resolution is strengthened with interactions and a new awareness of life. Even personal relationships are broadened.

Widen Your Horizons

A book club expands the choices of reading topics. Many times, readers opt for the same author, genre or time period. Book clubs open minds to unheard-of topics and different perceptions. It is inspiring to view the text through the eyes of one of the characters or to listen to discussions on the written material.

One Thing Leads to Another

Seniors in book clubs find the world becomes new and more enjoyable time spent with new friends makes each day brighter.

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