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depression in seniors

5 Signs of Depression in Seniors

Depression in Seniors is a very serious mood disorder.  Feeling sad occasionally is unfortunately a normal part of life, especially as you or your loved one is going through a big life change.  However, if these symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, you may be experiencing depression.  This is a very serious situation […]
Senior with cane

Increase Mobility with a Walker or Cane

As Seniors age, they often experience joint pain, less mobility, and the need for further assistance to prevent falling and support a better range of movement. Walking aids like a cane or walker allow Seniors to move when and how they want with independence and confidence. Dangers of Falling According to the CDC, one in […]
mother and daughter at computer living will

A Living Will

Have you ever heard someone say “… if I die?” Although optimistic the truth is we “will die.” Advancing age and the loss of loved ones prompts most Seniors to worry about end-of-life care if incapacitated or unable to make health decisions. It may be a relief to know there is a way to assure […]
senior in wheelchair with grandaughter-support for seniors

Support For A Loved One During Transition

Support and continuity of social ties is important when a Senior transitions hoping to continue their Quality of Life in a new setting. Established networks of friends and family are instinctive venues for loving advice, companionship and support. The assistance and encouragement found in these circles are reliable steps to a Senior’s successful transition. Bridge […]
senior in winter dressed to stay warm

Stay Warm This Winter

The weather is certainly cold this month. Did you realize a Seniors temperature regulation is affected by illness, medication, blood thinners and aging? In these colder months be conscious of the efforts taken to keep loved ones warm. Here are some ways to help your senior stay warm for the rest of this winter. Dangers […]
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