Support and continuity of social ties is important when a Senior transitions hoping to continue their Quality of Life in a new setting. Established networks of friends and family are instinctive venues for loving advice, companionship and support. The assistance and encouragement found in these circles are reliable steps to a Senior’s successful transition. Bridge to Better Living includes loved ones every step of the journey beginning with personal consultations. We believe families are just as important to us as they are to Seniors…and a transition could be a confusing, stressful journey when taken alone.


Be proactive and notice signs it is time for your loved one to consider a transition to a Senior Living Option. A Senior may need assistance with activities of daily living, forgetting to take medications properly or having difficulty making decisions. Contrary to rumors, a transition does not mean abandoning a lifestyle or losing independence. Bridge to Better Living’s expert guidance will reduce the stress and worries and present the best options available. Their consultants perform extensive research to locate a community most appropriate for each Senior’s lifestyle, needs and wants…all at no cost to the client. Dignity and a personal sense of identity is important. Placement with Passion® is Bridge to Better Living’s motto and lived every day.


Maintain open communication with your loved one. Determine individual concerns and fears during a transition. Bridge to Better Living will help address each hesitancy a client may have by answering each concern in an easily understood approach. Seniors feel loved and respected when family and friends are in place to support and help guide decisions suitable for them.

One serious concern of Seniors is losing control. Bridge to Better Living helps them feel a part of the decisions made because they are. Honesty and transparency are basic elements of open communication, especially during a time of transition.


A loved one may be apprehensive about their new life and feel uncomfortable at first. Surround them with memories but respect personal boundaries. Once again, open communication is valued. Let your Senior know both you and Bridge to Better Living are there for them.

Bridge to Better Living knows the communities offering social activities to keep Seniors socially involved and those who will introduce them to residents with similar likes and backgrounds. Families and friends are encouraged by community staff to use facetime or a video chat to stay engaged if they do not live close. Inner circles may be the first to recognize concerns…or hints of happiness!

Bridge to Better Living provides trusted, unbiased guidance and true Placement with Passion® for Seniors during their transition journey. Help your loved one take a first encouraging step towards finding a perfect new home. Contact Bridge to Better Living today!