You must consider your own safety as lifting someone who is unable to cooperate may result in injuring yourself. There is a right and a wrong way to assist someone who has fallen. If there is any doubt about the severity of possible injuries call emergency services immediately for assistance. Comfort the Injured Person If… Read More

Would we have made the same decisions or made other choices? Take action to avoid five common regrets. 1. Spending Enough Time with Loved Ones How do we make up for lost time when time seems to be disappearing? Many people wish they had spent more time with friends and family once the sands in… Read More

Seniors have worked hard to accumulate their finances regardless of the amount. The following five steps help prevent elderly financial abuse. Talk to a Financial Representative Banks and credit unions are now taking steps to prevent their customers from becoming victims. Spending time discussing precautions with a financial advisor and identifying suspicious transactions on accounts… Read More

Ironically as retirement approaches it sometimes becomes overwhelming with desires and financial ability. The following suggestions may help facilitate plans for your next chapter in life. 1. See the World One popular choice is world travel. Finances are a crucial aspect of travelling. Other retirees have discovered less expensive means to achieve these dreams. One… Read More

He recognized the importance of liking yourself and rejoicing in the uniqueness of being “you.” Each of us is our own best friend whether we like it or not. Knowing best what pleases or displeases us; realizing our own strengths and weaknesses is an exclusive strength. Do people change? Yes, they do. Do people’s perceptions… Read More