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Assisted Living

5 Myths About Assisted Living

If you or a loved one are considering a transition to Assisted Living, you may have heard some common myths or falsehoods. Outdated and false misconceptions about Assisted Living could cause Seniors to hesitate. Research and in-depth information about a community is needed to make an important decision about your future, so let us debunk […]
grandparents with grandchild

5 Reasons Why Grandparents Are So Important

Grandparents are important… important enough to have a day, September 12th   this year, dedicated to them. Are grandparents a large portion of the population? Ten years ago, the census revealed 2.7 million grandparents provided a grandchild’s basic needs; imagine what the 2020 census will show. Grandparenting allows more time to spend with growing youngsters than […]
grandma and grandkids- Senior Falls

Ways to Help Prevent Senior Falls

Senior falls represent some of the greatest fears for the older population. According to the Center for Disease Control one in four of those over 65 fall each year and only half tell their doctor. Other revealing yearly CDC statistics show: 20% of falls result in serious injury 3 million falls are treated in emergency […]
bridge to better living of northern Kentucky- Family with seniors

What Sets Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky Apart

Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky takes a special approach when it comes to helping Seniors with their transition. Bridge to Better Living is not only leading the way in compassionate and educated Senior placement but also franchise development. Bridge to Better Living was highlighted as one of the top 2020 Game Changers from […]
senior couple sitting

World Senior Citizen`s Day- Honoring the Elderly

A favorite Hallmark character, Maxine, has made aging not only humorous but acceptable. The Silver Tsunami is here with the fastest growing population segment in those over the age of 85. Aging has seen many changes since the grandparents of the Baby Boomers. According to 15,800 Assisted Living communities existed in 2015. Five years […]
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