World Senior Citizen`s Day

A favorite Hallmark character, Maxine, has made aging not only humorous but acceptable. The Silver Tsunami is here with the fastest growing population segment in those over the age of 85. Aging has seen many changes since the grandparents of the Baby Boomers.

According to statista.com 15,800 Assisted Living communities existed in 2015. Five years later they number 28,900 with over a million licensed beds. Until Assisted Living first opened its doors in 1981elders could expect to spend their final years in nursing homes or enlist private caregivers and family. Although the life expectancy of those in 1900 was not much different than today, life was. More people lived in rural areas where medical care was difficult to find. Larger families meant Seniors were cared for by family instead of professionals. Seniors had fewer opportunities for employment and means to supplement income.

Finally, in 1925 there were laws dictating how and who staffed sanatoriums (long term care). Nurses were trained to work primarily in hospitals. How fortunate we are in the 21st century to have accessible medical care, increased home health and dedicated medical research funded not only by private individuals but federal and state grants.

In the 1930s and 1940s old age was considered a social problem. Now the world recognizes the importance of Seniors. The older generation shops, works, and pays taxes. Seniors give generously, making more charitable donations per capita than any other age group. Countries save billions of dollars when Seniors volunteer. Seniors are to be thanked for the schools they built, roads designed and constructed, wars fought, and a work ethic dedicated to improving the lives of future generations.

Age has no barriers and is evidenced by:

  • At 77, John Glenn became the oldest person to go into space..
  • At 85, Theodore Mommsen was the oldest person to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • At 97, Martin Miller still worked fulltime as a lobbyist on behalf of benefits for Seniors.
  • At 100, Frank Schearer became the oldest active water skier in the world.

Research shows there are many indicators to living longer. Bridge to Better Living believes Quality of Life is an important contributor. Our motto Placement with Passion®  is practiced with each family served. Contact Bridge to Better Living today. As Maxine says…”Don’t worry about getting older. Age is merely the years the world has been enjoying us.”