The U.S. Census Bureau presents a statistic worth thinking about… in 2030, just seven years from now, those over the age of 85 will outnumber children for the first time ever in history. Several reasons support the logic behind this prediction, and luck is not one of them. Seniors today are making wiser choices concerning health, lifestyle, and most importantly… where they live. As populations age, maintaining Quality of Life requires open minds and recognizing when living alone at home is not a smart or safe option. Many Seniors enjoying their Golden Years have chosen to live in Retirement Communities… over 810,000 in Assisted Living Communities alone according to the American Health Care Association.

Yes, people who choose to live in a Retirement Community (Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted) do live longer. Why? Consider the following benefits:

  • No property tax or cost for home maintenance… gone are yard work, structure replacement, or appliance repair
  • Less expensive utilities, possibly even free… residents set their personal comfort zones
  • Social opportunities for activities, travel, enrichment… transportation often provided
  • Engagement with peers… pool tables, card groups, theaters, gardening, and socialization
  • Nutritional Meals made with special diets considered… served restaurant style with staff doing the dishes
  • Housekeeping provided… put down the broom and forget washing windows
  • Options for Physical Health Maintenance … walking paths, exercise equipment, fitness rooms with trainers, and classes
  • Personal care when needed and designed for each individual in communities having a medical staff… no more forgetting to take medication or fear of falling in the shower
  • Safety, including a secure environment, alert systems and more

Bridge to Better Living has many reasons for Seniors to consider transitioning to a Retirement Community, but the most important one is YOU. Transition Consultants assist in finding the most appropriate choices for each client, but ultimately YOU make the decision. Let the experts guide you or your loved one through each stage of transitioning to an improved lifestyle. Bridge to Better Living is always the best first step. Choose Bridge to Better Living today.