We would like to officially welcome Jesse and Yokima Perez to the Bridge to Better Living team! Jesse and Yokima are a passionate and qualified duo who will be crucial assets to Seniors and their families in Southeast Charlotte, North Carolina & Northern South Carolina. As partners in life and business, they have successfully built their careers while also growing a family.

Dedicated To Improving Their Community

When Jesse and Yokima encountered Bridge to Better Living, they recognized the passionate and life-changing mission motivating the Bridge to Better Living team. After one phone call with Mary Ann, their calling to help Seniors in their community was heard loud and clear.

Yokima and Jesse are uniquely qualified with personal experience facing the challenging journey of finding the right placement for their Senior mothers, enduring the confusing and trying process of finding the perfect home for their treasured loved ones. Recognizing how difficult this journey could be not only for the Senior but the family as well, Yokima and Jesse saw a path ahead to help others who were in dire need of guidance and support during this time. Seeing the scarcity of support for Seniors in their community and experiencing the challenge of placing a Senior loved one, they knew becoming franchise owners was a career move they were uniquely qualified for.

Family is everything to Yokima and Jesse. They live in South Carolina with their two beautiful daughters, and when they aren’t working, they are spending time with family and catching a Broncos or Astros game.

More About Jesse Perez

Jesse is a passionate and successful entrepreneur who pursues perfection and excellence in everything. Taking his business skills, compassion, and unmatched care for his community, he will treat his Seniors not just as respected clients but like one of his own family. Jesse wants to ensure all his Seniors feel safe, guided, and understood.

Yokima’s Professional Experience

Yokima is a determined and hardworking individual with two master’s degrees in English and Business. She has special experience working in the insurance industry and seeing firsthand how aging individuals often aren’t given the resources they need. Encountering a client with a life-altering brain injury and losing a grandparent to Alzheimer’s has made her especially compassionate toward ensuring her community’s Seniors get the care and resources necessary to have a happy and stress-free life.

Jesse and Yokima will provide the undivided attention of not just one but two Senior Transition Consultants. At Bridge to Better Living Northern SC & SE Charlotte NC, Seniors and their loved ones will have a team of professionals working for them to ensure they’re receiving the best service possible. Explore their Bridge to Better Living pages and contact them today!