A parent who refuses to listen is equally as exasperating. It is important to have a conversation and have parents listen, especially when considering a move to Senior Living.


Reasons Aging Parents May Not be Listening

Do you feel your parents are being stubborn and refusing to listen? Do suggestions and requests to keep them safe and healthy seem to fall on deaf ears? Studies reveal nearly 80 percent of adult children feel their parents are avoiding difficult discussions.


There are many reasons why aging parents may not heed your advice or ideas. People do not want to lose independence. Most Seniors consider the loss of car keys, financial control and their homes a significant loss and a signal of loss of freedom and independence. Many parents won’t listen to their children’s advice because they feel giving in also causes a burden to their family.


Dementia has a noticeable impact on behavior. With memory loss your loved one may not even remember hearing suggestions. Loss of memory is frustrating particularly if a diagnosis has not been given.


Find What is Important

Prioritize suggestions. Are they concerns, matters of safety, personal preferences or simply hearsay? Do not hesitate to enlist the help of others. A trusted friend, clergy or physician may carry more weight than a family member in a decision. Often another family member is able to converse more easily than you.


Remember Who is Still Your Parent

Imagine your children treating you as a child. Would you react by feeling frustrated and stubborn? Placing yourself in their position may help understand the situation. Never patronize. Be respectful. Honor them as your parent.


What Goes Around Comes Around

If your parent cared for their elderly parents and it was a positive experience you may have an advantage.  Many adult children feel blessed to have had the opportunity to give back to their parents by caring for them in their golden years.


Remind your parent of the good feelings had when offering care to others. Let them know you would like to have the opportunity to give back. Help them to understand now is their turn to be cared for by others.


Take Care of Yourself

Dealing with a parent needing assistance and not accepting help is emotional. Find a support group, friend or family member with whom you are able to share your feelings. Realize you are doing your best because you care.


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