Recollections of past holidays are replayed as life now feels as if it is moving at a slower pace. Memories of warmth shared while visiting with family and friends will help carry Seniors through the next few cold months.


Connection is important, especially to Seniors who are isolated. Advancing age stresses the value of having family and friends within reach. Quality of Life is affected by choices made during all types of weather, but Winter is the most challenging. Driving and transportation vary due to weather hazards. Families and friends may seek warmer locations and be farther away. Seniors may find it better to have a trusted individual help with medical and/or financial decisions. Every choice needs time and consideration.


Quality of Life should continue with advancing age. An adrenaline rush of the holidays may be the sparkle needed for the shorter, darker days of winter. Seniors, family and loved ones have so many opportunities to bring sunshine into their lives. Start by being positive.


Consider creating a family tree while stories shared with visitors are still fresh. Families change over the years… births, marriages and a few broken or grafted “branches” change the structure. Find a family tree template online or at a local hobby store. While researching genealogy put personal life stories in a journal. Your lifetime memories are unique and important to following generations.


Scrapbooking is now popular and stimulates creativity, brain cell growth, and improves eye-hand coordination. An added benefit is increased confidence and an outpouring of endorphins… the “happy hormone.”


Think outside the box. Take a first step and open doors to activities pondered for a long time. For example, learn magic. Pull a coin from behind an ear or flip cards in a magic trick. Before long, everyone will be stopping to chat and see what is “up your sleeve.”


Start a series of books; dance indoors; birdwatch from a favorite indoor spot; grab some oranges and learn to juggle. Treat yourself to a spa day and a bubble bath. The list of winter activities is endless.


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