Summer temperatures seem to be hotter every year, or could Seniors be experiencing an unreliable body temperature breakdown? Either way, cool-down choices are available. Fans, air conditioning, cool showers… all will decrease feelings of warmth. However, none of these choices offer the benefit of both socialization and healthy activity. How to solve the dilemma? Keep reading.

Pools! A summer staple in most cities and towns may be located indoors or outdoors and are meeting the rising Senior population by offering water aerobics. Indoor pools may be heated to a comfortable temperature or one recommended by the Arthritis Foundation while outdoor pools may be heated they are also at the mercy of Mother Nature. Water Aerobics offer the benefit of low impact exercises and are kinder to arthritic joints. Balance is improved and muscles strengthened by having water bear the pressure and not bodies. Cardiac wellness is supported by water aerobics. Social activity is an added benefit as moods improve with cooler surroundings and perhaps some playful splashing occurs.

Water aerobic exercises suggested for Seniors consist of more than swimming. Consider the following:

  • Slowly walk from wall to wall in the pool
  • March or jog.
  • Do leg lifts while holding onto the edge of the pool.
  • Perform knee lifts.
  • Hold on to the pool edge and do flutter kicks.

Conscious of how you look in a bathing suit? Who cares? You are alive and beating the heat! Should you still hesitate, here are websites for ordering a Senior Style bathing suit. Women over 60 are typically concerned about their figures. Many ladylike swimsuits are skirted, have wider straps, or have sewn in tummy control. Men may shop comfortably following the guidelines at https://www.aarp.org/entertainment/style-trends/info-2020/mens-swimwear.html.

Bridge to Better Living is a “cool” place to contact when considering a transition to Senior Living. You may be assured there are no “sharks” in the water, only dependable lifeguards (Transition Consultants). Your Senior’s head will be above the water when having the assistance of Bridge to Better Living. Remember, the water doesn’t know how old you are. We just want you to swim, not sink.