Lack of mobility, distance from physicians and portability of health insurance are all concerns. This certainly does not mean Seniors should not travel. Researching amenities available at future vacation spots helps Seniors be more confident about their travel plans.

Consider Your Options

Choose sunshine. Sunlight promotes bone strength (vitamin D), lowers blood pressure (nitric oxide), and improves moods (serotonin). Locations providing sunshine and warm weather are favorites when vacationing. Here are suggestions to begin planning your get-a-way. The following offer excellent accessibility, medical attention and have plenty of activities.

1. Cruise Ships

Cruises are fun and a stress-free way to travel outside of the country. An all-inclusive choice eliminates worries about food and drink expenses, itineraries, transportation, and hotels. All are included in the price. Cruises offer the luxury of having multiple indoor and outdoor activities. All you need to do is leave your room.

2. All-Inclusive Resorts

Perhaps you simply want to be somewhere and relax. Consider a resort. Resorts are an excellent choice especially if mobility is severely limited. There are few, if any, worries about going anywhere and resorts have a medical clinic on site.

3. National Parks

National parks are top choices as travel destinations. They are scenic, historical and represent the natural beauty of America. On-site cabins and RV spaces are available or there are nearby hotels, restaurants and other accommodations. Everyone benefits from a breath of fresh air and many recreational activities are offered.

Advance Considerations

Instead of being apprehensive, research all solutions. Are there mobility issues? Choose a place where walking is not a significant factor or is wheelchair accessible. Is help needed with luggage? Pack your bags lightly, so they are easier to manage. Select a time of the year to travel when overcrowding is not a probability. Keep in mind “of season” prices may be lower due to weather or limited opportunities to view attractions.

Do Some Research

The days of poring over travel brochures and unanswered questions are gone and it is much simpler to find answers to travel questions on the internet. Detailed information, prices, and accommodations are found without much effort. Give it a spin! Visit Transitions Abroad for a list of websites specializing in helping Seniors with travel. There is something for everyone.

Choosing a Destination

Before booking a trip, think of what would make your trip pleasant.

  • Wheelchair accessibility: Arrive at your destination knowing you will be able to participate in activities and have no problems with managing mobility.
  • Weather and climate: Be comfortable. Swatting at insects never makes for a relaxing stay. Humidity levels should be considered when a traveler has respiratory conditions. Bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation: Heed warnings about drinking local water (including ice cubes) and eating food from local vendors. Pack a hand sanitizer.
  • Access to medical facilities: It is good to know a medical facility is nearby in case of an emergency. Have directions or visit ahead of time to know where you will go if medical attention is required. Acquaint your guide or concierge about your medical condition when you arrive.
  • Transportation: Are you planning to visit historic cities such as Williamsburg, Philadelphia, D.C. or Boston? There is much to see. Know transportation is available for your use. Trying to walk between all the monuments and museums becomes tiring. Take advantage of shuttles and buses to get you between point A and B. Be sure you understand available transportation systems before leaving home.


Let Us Help You Stay Active

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