The alterations of living as a Senior have many retreating into their homes and losing the social life built throughout younger years. The cultures of neighborhoods change when friends and family pass away or move to other places. Independent or Assisted Living Communities are one way to continue to have a social life in a secure and supportive environment.


Benefits of Choosing Senior Living Options

Senior Living Communities offer opportunities to connect with peers; excursions to new and interesting places, hopping on the bus to see a baseball or football game; gathering with others to discuss the latest news or book; card clubs; walking groups; simply visiting about the “good old days.” The following is a list of 6 reasons why social opportunities in an Independent or Assisted Community may be worth investigating.


  1. Opportunities for Volunteering

As a Senior you may have free time to give back to your town. Senior Living Communities are in touch with their local area and are able to connect you with opportunities to volunteer. Prospects could range from joining others at the library, mentoring children, making gifts for hospitalized patients or helping at the humane society. If connected with your community there are many ways to give back to society.


  1. Increased Options to Make Friends

Living alone at home often leads to isolation. Finding transportation to visit loved ones or scheduling a visit from others becomes stressful. In a Senior Community many options are in place to connect with people. Each floor or wing is a neighborhood and the entire building becomes a town. Step outside the apartment door and take a look. Meeting like-minded people who are in the same circumstances as you, growing older and loving it, is a remarkable opportunity.


  1. Fitness Classes Galore

As bodies age it is important to stay in good physical shape. Daily exercise such as walking, stretching, chair tai chi or yoga helps Seniors feel good not only physically but mentally. Many communities even offer strength training or water aerobics either on or off site. When living in Independent or Assisted Living these classes are offered to help the residents enjoy whatever they prefer.


  1. Healthy Food Choices

Have you ever wished to have a personal chef? Senior Living Communities prioritize preparing healthy, personalized meals at all times. Chefs take time to understand residents’ dietary choices and provide well-balanced meals. No one enjoys eating alone and meal time is one more opportunity for socializing.


  1. Safety & Peace of Mind

Worries of sudden falls is a major concern when living alone. Shower rails and handles are able to be installed in bathrooms and railings placed on both sides of the stairs is recommended.  Senior Living Communities have many improvements geared to your safety. Medical alert pendants and bracelets are offered or included as well as pull cords, push buttons and motion sensors. Staff and residents are nearby in case of an emergency.



  1. Never Having to Clean (or Drive) Again

An important benefit offered by a Senior Community is assistance with household chores. Staff offers vacuuming, dusting, organizing, cleaning bathrooms and trash disposal on a regular schedule. Even the refrigerator shines! Assistance with laundry is available if needed.

A car may no longer be necessary. Transportation to medical and personal appointments is included or offered at a low rate.  Outside trips such as shopping or eating at a new restaurant are available from the community.

Choosing a Senior Living Option may be the best way for you or your loved one to remain social, healthy and safe.

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