Keeping relationship skills and being open to new interactions is important no matter your age.

Let’s Talk

Open communication is a relationship must. What is said and how it is communicated creates a significant difference. Positive communication helps to keep a relationship on the right track.

Focus on what is working well and use encouragement with positivity to address any changes you would like to see in your partner. Remember turn about is fair play even in matters of the heart.

Avoiding conflict is improbable; how it is reacted to is critical. Approach concerns calmly and use active listening skills when confronting challenges. Instead of jumping to hasty conclusions take time to analyze your feelings. Use “I” statements when talking to your partner and explain how you perceive occurrences. Avoid criticizing. Recognize what it is you dislike in another person may be something you do not like in yourself. Listen to what is being said not what you think you are hearing. When two people truly listen to each other an amicable solution is possible.

Be Open to Love

Couples who have been together for a long time have grown comfortable in expectations and hopefully have settled into a warm, loving relationship. Those who are single find a relationship more complicated. The thought of meeting someone new may well be exciting and a little scary when the giddiness and insecurities of high school suddenly return. Simply approach this new relationship with candor.

Lack of honesty will quickly ruin a relationship. A successful rapport forms when both partners are truthful in accepting who they are and choose to love each other, character flaws included. We all have masks we wear from time to time but removing the mask and letting your partner see the real you bring honesty and integrity to the relationship.

Creating a Safe Space

Emotional safety is important and growing older already has its challenges and obstacles. Share your concerns with each other openly and honestly. Both of you should be able to hear and understand one another when facing life’s challenges. A successful relationship demonstrates the ability to share concerns and frailties while wishing the best for each other.

Enjoy Life, Be Yourself

Needs and interests are expected to differ. Allow time to grow your own interests and let your partner nurture his or her own. Celebrate independent goals and activities. Time spent alone and then sharing experiences keeps each of you interesting. A winning relationship balances private time with time spent together even though it is not always 50/50. Accepting differences adds to the fiber of a relationship

Take time to create special moments together. Mundane routines are easy to fall into and we occasionally become bored. Spice up a relationship by creating experiences to be shared. Choose new adventures and explore different opportunities. So many changes in the blink of an eye; make the most of the time you have together.

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