It’s the turkey’s fault. According to Camille Styles, author of Lifestyles Daily Blog, ”a turkey food coma has less to do with the turkey and more to do with eating a variety of other foods also containing tryptophan. Thanksgiving is a tryptophan gold mine.” Tryptophan, an amino acid found only in food, induces relaxation, or a feeling of tiredness. Everyone, not only Seniors, should start thinking about fighting seasonal depression… starting with the Thanksgiving menu.

Fatigue in Seniors, although not a normal part of aging,  is a factor often leading to depression. Too tired to go to the grocery store? Affected by the time change to where meals are delayed or not eaten? Seasonal changes (again, beginning with the turkey) deeply affect Seniors.

Nutrition is a leading character in winter blues. Although seasonal pies, rich sauces, and sweet desserts are tempting, Seniors and their families need to start by cutting down on their sugar intake. Do, however, save the dark chocolate. This one sweet contains antioxidants reputed to improve moods.

Increase protein intake by choosing foods with lean fats such as poultry or fish. Amino acids in these staples boost energy and are heart-healthy. Avoid sodium-rich processed meats. High levels of sodium have been known to increase blood pressure, heart problems, or stroke, all of which are linked to depression.

Cold weather has most Seniors indoors and reaching for close-at-hand snacks. Try having berries close at hand. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries as well as other berries release cortisol to the brain and help store memories and soothe negative responses.

Stay hydrated. Water helps body mechanisms move smoothly and interact the way they should. Water is not limited to glass, but is found in many fruits and vegetables. Improper hydration may affect moods. Without water, energy and mental clarity wane.

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