Today an estate sale is being held and the house has been emptied of every piece of furniture and item ever once touched by the former residents.

The wind has started some of the rocking chairs to begin their gentle pendulum-like swaying… Back and forth, back and forth, a motion almost hypnotic. Who sat in these rocking chairs… most likely ghosts of generations past one would think. Someone’s parents rocked babies in these chairs. Grandmothers tapped out a rhythm while sewing on buttons or Grandfathers smoked their pipes wondering if the clouds above would bring rain or empty promises. An argument could have been pounded out by the rhythm of the rocking chair or the slow cadence helped while waiting for visitors to arrive. Have these rockers always been here or did some of them arrive by covered wagon? Fashioned by hand? Passed through generations? Intended for front porches or parlors? What stories do these rocking ghosts still want to share?

As you sit with your family this Thanksgiving holiday look at each member. Ask the questions you have always wanted answered. What were they like as a child? How would they describe their parents? Were they as ornery as everyone says they were or did the stories grow from a rumor? If they were in the service, what branch and what were their experiences? Why is Faith so much a part of their lives? What are their dreams? What goals have been achieved? Are there any regrets, new visions, hopes for others?

This is the time to learn about those who have loved you and worried about your journey through life. These are the family members who crossed their fingers every time you drove away for a new adventure. You are the one who is to carry the legacy and continue the strengths of your ancestors. The virtues of the generations before us continue through time. Wouldn’t it be perfect to learn their stories this Thanksgiving and continue to share them at future family gatherings?

I remember Dolly Parton, “When I sit back in my rocking chair someday, I want to be able to say I’ve done it all.” Do it; learn it; and tell all the stories you know. Don’t have any ghosts in your rocking chairs.

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