Bodies need proper nourishment throughout every stage of life and proper nutrition keeps them healthy, energetic, positive and alert.

Food for Thought

All cells in the body, including brain cells, need to be well-nourished in order to function at their best. Brain cells require nutrients to help with information recall, the ability to understand, to assimilate new information and to interpret the data. This process is termed cognitive function.

Fats affect brain health. When ingesting healthy fats brains benefit. Proteins are another important factor in brain health. When combined, these two components enable your brain to have improved mental function. Cognition suffers with low amounts of fat and protein.

Your Brain on Fats

While there are many types of fats in foods, not all are suitable. Harmful trans fats are found in fried and baked foods, even in microwave popcorn, cheese and margarine. Researchers have discovered having a diet high in trans fats does increase the chance of cognitive impairment and dementia. Those who practiced a diet with healthy fats and no trans fats were less likely to have a loss of brain function.

Types of fats healthy and good for your brain are monounsaturated, DHA and the omega-3 fats. These are found in foods such as olive oil, avocados, anchovies, salmon and cold-water fish. You will find these high-quality proteins in lean cuts of grass-fed beef, poultry, pork, and lamb. Cold-water fish such as salmon and cod provide both protein and healthy fats. Nuts and seeds are excellent choices for snacks.

The Importance of Good Fats

The brain is approximately 60 percent fat, therefore, it is reasonable to believe it needs fat in order to work properly. Brains will use whatever fat is available. If a brain is given a steady diet of bad fats, it will still function. However, the function will be greatly impaired. When given good fats similar to those found in the foods mentioned earlier, they will function much better.

Discoveries regarding links between the brain and healthy fats is relatively new. New technologies and advances in brain imaging have greatly improved brain research. Through these recent research techniques, fatty acid molecules have been found to be among the most crucial molecules determining brain health. The brain’s integrity and its ability to function smoothly is emphatically important. Our bodies synthesize the components necessary for proper functioning, but fatty acids are not included. A brain receives its fatty acid nourishment from the foods ingested. Always think of choices having healthy fats when you are hungry, so your brain is fed properly.

Protein Building Blocks

Water comprises the largest percentage of body weight. Protein is the most plentiful component and is present in every part of the body including the brain.

Protein molecules are needed to make neurotransmitters work properly. Substances containing proteins help neurons spark and communicate with one another. Whatever activity you are doing – even reading this article at this moment – your brain is sending and collecting messages. Those messages are able to be sent and received because the proteins in your brain make possible the synapses between neurons.

The foods you eat provide proteins having the amino acids to create neurotransmitters. When consuming foods with high-quality proteins you are basically feeding your brain the food needed to communicate properly with the rest of your body. You cannot do anything without the signals sent by your brain.

Keep Your Brain Happy

Moods are also affected by proteins. Without good proteins, the brain does not produce the necessary amounts of neurotransmitters. Serotonin is one such neurotransmitter and when there is not a high enough level you may become depressed.

When practicing a diet having a healthy amount of good protein and barring any other biochemical issues serotonin and dopamine levels are high. This elevates moods, boosts energy levels, produces mental clarity and increases happiness. Improved levels also help to regulate pain, decrease anxiety and make improved sleep patterns possible.

Feed Your Brain for the Good Life

Healthy fats and good protein help us look healthy, feel better, think clearer and have a happier outlook on life. Why wouldn’t you want to eat healthy?

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