Open your windows! Open your doors! Step outside and take a deep breath! Unless you live in the midst of a smog filled city… your lungs will enjoy a good dose of fresh air. Oxygen is taken for granted, but there is no arguing air fresh beats stuffy every time.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s mentally ill patients were exposed to fresh air despite the temperature. Arcane as many treatments were, exposure to the outdoors was a kinder approach to curing mental ills. Today, fresh air is lauded for many more benefits.

Fresh air increases happiness. Whether going for a run, short walk, or stepping outside, somehow one big breath of clean air leads to a smile. Seniors who experience a moment in the outdoors have better moods and are more productive.

Closed areas pollute air, causing lungs to clog with unhealthy levels of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. New, clean bursts of oxygen dilate blood vessels and cause lungs to expand and breathe in cleaner air while cleaning out pollutants.

Seniors will remember their parents’ instructions… “go outside and play!” The great outdoors today continues to have benefits, a stronger immune system ranking among them. Vitamin D, a direct result of sunshine, helps bodies absorb vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. Just a few minutes several times a week should do the trick.

Outside activity increases appetites. Seniors who go outside during good weather interact with others and have the advantage of meeting new people. Human contact is important. If your loved one is unable to walk, encourage or drive them to a coffee shop having outside seating. Breathe in the outdoors between sips of a favorite beverage and share fun visits with other patrons.

Bridge to Better Living realizes the benefits of sunshine. Let their expert consultants assist you or your loved one find the best Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted, or Long-Term Care. Sit on the patio with Bridge to Better Living. Their assistance and guidance is a breath of fresh air.