Differences may have been negligible in some outcomes but huge in others. Retirement presents itself in a variety of ways.

Not Quite Ready

Phasing out your career is one step when considering retirement. Perhaps you aren’t quite ready to make a full commitment to a new lifestyle. There are matters to consider such as health care and if benefits are available at the same or different levels. Easing into retirement may be beneficial. If you are able to continue working at your current position using flexible or reduced hours you would have the opportunity to explore retirement options.

Those who are at full retirement age are able to collect their full Social Security payments without penalties for working and earning additional wages. Those who take early Social Security are subject to limits on income. Stay current with all changes in Social Security benefits.

A New Routine

Life has been predictable to one degree or another in most careers. Disrupting daily routines in retirement may feel strange. Sleeping in late every day sounds inviting right now but may not be what you’d like every morning in retirement.

Consider how you want to spend your retirement days. Hours spent working now will be free to use any way you wish. If you are a morning person you may decide to use your early hours alone, watch the sunrise, read inspirational material or start a journal.

Filling Your Time

You decide how your retirement will be lived. Jeff Yeager, contributor to The Huffington Post coined the phrase “selfishly-employed” years ago when describing the manner in which he chose to live his life after regular employment. Yeager does not see himself as retired but as having the financial resources to do what brings him pleasure while making sure somebody is paying him, at least part of the time, to do it.

Mr. Yeager makes a good point about being able to pursue the things you love or are interested in while making a little money at the same time. Time spent wood working and creating trinkets for the grandkids could turn into a cottage industry crafting unique wooden gifts. Do you like to write and travel? Think of the possibility of becoming a freelancer who writes about exotic or mundane places with a new twist. Is sewing your passion? How about letting it be known you are available to create unique prom dresses or outfits for special occasions? Once you start recognizing your options there are no limits to the possibilities.

The advantages of being in business for yourself are many. You set your own hours, are the boss and receive all the awards and perks you want. If you become bored or tired you stop and pick up something new without consequences.

A New Lifestyle

. Retirement offers an opportunity to explore many pursuits put on hold or thought out of the question.
You are the star of your own show. Travel broadens all horizons. With camera and journal in hand travels are only for your enjoyment. Freelance writing or photography makes you a free spirit and enable you to generate additional income while tapping a hidden talent.

Do children bring you joy? Schools are always looking for volunteers and find Seniors make a wonderful difference in the classroom. Seniors sharing their stories enrich the lives of children.

Engaging in a new hobby or delving deeper into an old one is self-fulfilling. Meeting new while enjoying activities and hobbies could be a strong possibility in retirement.

Use your imagination to create a retirement lifestyle that you enjoy to help minimize some of the angst felt when the time for retirement actually arrives
The prospect of retirement is overwhelming to some. A variety of questions looming and decisions may feel very challenging.

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