Suddenly Fall is here and we see leaves start to turn… palettes of red, yellow, and orange. However long the season lasts, no one argues it is a beautiful time of the year. Seniors may think the word “fall” represents a more unpleasant medical event but Bridge to Better Living wants to point out the beauty of a season placed between the highs of summer temperatures and the lows of winter. Whether indoors or outdoors, Fall has multiple opportunities for enjoyment.

Leaf peeping has become popular among all ages. Check out the panorama of Mother Nature. Go for a hike in the neighborhood or grab a loved one and book a tour to a popular fall color destination. Breathe in the fresh, crisp air.

Visit an apple orchard and indulge in hot apple cider, a slice of apple pie, or a caramel apple. Pick a few and share with friends. Just be safe while reaching for the fruit.

Pumpkin patches and stands are scattered throughout towns and countrysides. Carve or paint a face on a pumpkin and get into the spirit. Pumpkin Spice everything is the magic word of the season… coffee, lattes, bread, muffins, cookies, candles, even air fresheners. More adventurous Seniors may be cooking pumpkins and baking their own treats. Here is a recipe for homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

There is still time to have an outdoor cookout. Invite loved ones over and tell some spooky stories as the sun sets earlier. Halloween is in October and is a chance to decorate porches with witches and goblins. We all like to get in touch with our inner child during Halloween time. Paint your face and have fun.

The proactive knitters and crocheters find Fall an excellent time to reach for those skeins of yarn. There is just enough time to make warm neck scarves, gloves, and hats for winter wear. Grab a comfortable chair outside and enjoy the last of warm sunshine while crafting… or just sit and enjoy the day.

Bridge to Better Living wishes everyone, regardless of age, Quality of Life. Consultants work closely with each client to be sure every need and want is met in the Senior Living Community chosen. Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU. Contact them today. They are enjoying pumpkin spice treats too!