Social Media, the press, broadcasts… all address holiday stress during this time of year. Thanksgiving kicks off the holidays and is quickly followed by Hanukkah, then Christmas, and lastly Kwanzaa. As holidays approach Seniors feel the empty places at the table, families too busy to visit, or sadness when hearing a holiday song reminiscent of past holidays. Yes, stress may be part of the season, but there are approaches helping to focus on the positive.

Good things come in small packages. Celebrations are just as enjoyable one-on-one as having a boisterous room filled with family and friends. If your Senior is unable or hesitant to host a celebration for everyone, encourage visits in smaller numbers. When the spirit of the holidays is stretched over a longer time period, the worry of travel and everyone getting along with each other is reduced.

Holiday Tips

Health is the greatest gift. (Budda) Sweets are abundant during the holidays but are healthier when enjoyed in moderation. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages may easily be replaced with sparkling waters or fruit-infused waters. Berries and nuts provide better nutrition than ribbon candy and fudge. Exercise is key to moving through the many festivities… dancing to holiday music, stretching before hanging decorations, and indulging in a brisk walk as weather permits. A good night’s sleep is important. After all, visions of sugarplums have never hurt anyone!

Be realistic The only constant in life is change and adjusting how holidays are celebrated is perfectly acceptable. Instead of large amounts of money being spent on material items, time spent with loved ones is priceless. Memories of past or present conversations are more lasting than wrapping paper and ribbons. Seniors who feel sad or lonely should be encouraged to share their emotions. Validation of one’s emotions from a peer helps to decrease isolation.

Bridge to Better Living believes in Quality of Life and holidays are no exception. We celebrate Seniors. If you or a loved one are beginning to consider a transition to Senior Living, give Bridge to Better Living a call. Services are always at no cost to the client, minimizing the stress and confusion of a move. Bridge to Better Living wishes everyone the best of the Holidays. As Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol said, God Bless You Everyone!