Friends begin with a smile.

Remember the first day of school? Groups of children trying to look at each other without looking at each other, all in a deadly silence. A first child giggled followed by a chorus of laughter, and suddenly friendships started to form. Senior Living, on the first day, is much the same. Staff knocks at the door, introducing themselves and their functions… nurse, maintenance, housekeeping, dietary, caregiver, activity director, etc. Behind the scenes, a plethora of current residents are patiently waiting to meet their new neighbor.

Every resident has been the “new kid.” Each has experienced meeting new friends and is eager to make new tenants feel welcome.

The following tips will help develop a strategy for making a new acquaintance.

  • Get to know the neighbors. They have been anticipating your move as long as you. A brief introduction and life history pique other’s interest and find commonalities. You may have already met some while touring the community before you moved.
  • In the dining room, find the table with the most smiles or someone who appears to be as new as you. Make meals a social event.
  • Check the activity calendar. Join a group. Put your sneakers on and slide into an exercise class or start doing laps around the community. Be open to short or long conversations.
  • Canes, walkers, and scooters may have one hesitating to “blend in” but there is always someone else with the same equipment. Open the conversation with complimenting their choice or style. The suggestion of a race may even bring a smile!

There is friend for everyone, whether it is the first day of school, a new home, or a different social group. Bridge to Better Living helps Seniors and their loved ones find the best and most appropriate Senior Living Option. Expert consultants are the first friend in transitioning. While touring with Bridge to Better Living you will be amazed at the number of people who want to befriend a future resident. Contact Bridge to Better Living today.