Relocation Stress Syndrome

Signs of anxiety, confusion, withdrawal, or mild depression two-ten weeks after a move to a new Senior Living Community could be symptoms of Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS). A study by medical doctors at Harris School of Nursing in Texas indicated the occurrence of Relocation Stress Syndrome might be overrated. To those who are living with transfer trauma, the diagnosis is very real.

Everyone feels stress at one time or another.  A move, however, is a major stress factor, especially for a Senior who has lived in the same place for decades. Where are the light switches; are the electrical outlets where they should be; what are those noises in night; all are triggers for anxiety. A new start with different square footage, nearer neighbors, diverse activity, and new approaches to socialization easily become confusing. It is helpful to find similarities in the old and new environments to calm fears. A Senior Living Community population could easily be compared to a small town.

Families and loved ones play an important role in a transition. How? Prepare ahead. If possible allow the one who is moving to have a voice in the transition. Choose an expert transition consultant from Bridge to Better Living to work one-on-one before the move. Focus on the Senior’s needs and wants. Tour and compare the services and amenities of each community found appropriate.

Always, always…remember the transition is for the Senior, not the family. Each Senior’s feelings need to be acknowledged. Questions will arise about social, medical, and financial situations. If a Senior seems unusually withdrawn, encourage emotions to be expressed. Be patient and provide answers truthfully and in an easily understood language. Stress positives: regular and nutritious meals, interesting peers, activities, and available medical care.

Quality of Life will improve in the best-fitting Senior Community. Bumps in the road are inevitable, but be flexible, laugh, and remain optimistic. As the transition moves forward, encourage selecting favorite possessions for the new home. Respect their personal treasures, even the creaking rocking chair. Share stories from the past. Introduce your loved ones to current residents. Show interest in your loved one’s new surroundings.

Bridge to Better Living believes in Placement with Passion®. Transition Consultants honor each client by listening to and learning their life stories. Contact Bridge to Better Living today. Avoid stress and wasted time by engaging one of their expert Transition Consultants. Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU.