Celebrating with the Seniors in your life is made especially meaningful with a little imagination and creativity. Make this time fun and memorable while keeping festivities at a manageable pace.

Ring in the Holidays with Song and Laughter

“‘Tis the season to be jolly “… and many Seniors have warm memories of singing carols while gathered around a piano or bundled in warm clothes and going door to door to sing carols. Those who enjoy music now have an opportunity to recreate those memories. Retirement communities often have caroling events planned for their residents and do not require anyone to have a good voice to be a part of the singing.

Crafts are a wonderful choice for those not musically inclined. Create a variety of wreaths and holiday decorations, design personal Christmas cards or bake cookies from a family recipe. Capture the moment by photography or videos. Seniors may be able to invite additional family or friends to be a part of their community activities.

Pace Holiday Activities

Activities are overwhelming even for the strong of heart when jam-packed into a short period of time. Ease the pressure and schedule events to allow time for periods of rest and relaxation. Sit back and enjoy listening to the music and stories of the holidays while taking a deep breath.

Enjoy the Season

Everyone enjoys seeing the holiday lights. Some towns hold contests for residents having the best displays. Information for finding displays of holiday lights are generally available in neighborhood flyers, newspapers and public announcements. Assemble everyone into the car with snacks and beverages, then take a tour. Limousine services offer holiday light tours for a fee if it would be better for someone else to do the driving. If choosing a private driver make reservations early to secure the desired day and time.

Host a Card Party

Seniors tend to avoid social media for their Holiday correspondence but still enjoy sending holiday greetings through the postal service. Gather crafty friends and family together to make cards, address and prepare them for mailing. Readymade cards are also a good reason to invite others for an addressing party. Everyone brings their cards, address books and stamps. Before you know it the cards are ready to be sent.

Cookie Baking

Cookies and pastries of all types take center stage during this time of year. Many Seniors enjoy baking (and people of all ages enjoy eating) making this the perfect time to get together and share the experience. Kids love making cookies. Why not provide them with a special opportunity to bake with grandparents, aunts, and uncles? Share family recipes and create family memories.

Baking together as a family is a tradition for many. Reunite, bake, eat and enjoy each other’s company.

Remembering the Reason for the Season

Countless religious and secular traditions are celebrated during this season. Families gather together to celebrate, worship and enjoy the rituals of the Holidays. Traditions are one of the finest gifts to be given. Time together is time well spent.

Whatever the choice to celebrate, Seniors make the experience richer. When days are planned carefully, December becomes stress-free and enjoyable. Memories made with loving thoughts and planned with care are more meaningful and rewarding than last minute decisions.

Bridge to Better Living wishes you and your family all the best during this season of joy and peace. We also invite you to contact us when having questions about a transition into retirement whether it is for you or someone you love. Bridge to Better Living offers expert consulting and resources at no cost to the client. Enjoy the gift of a wonderful quality of life. Choose Bridge to Better Living.