“Do not resent growing old. Many are denied the privilege.” The Irish always know how to phrase good luck, do they not? As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches there are many Irish blessings heard from those lucky and those not so lucky to be Irish. In every cloud, there is a silver lining Let’s visit about good fortunes found as we experience the aging process.

How to Create Good Luck

Luck is not the result of superstitions, such as a rabbit’s foot, crediting a consistent pair of socks for a favorite team win, or a lucky coin in your pocket. Luck, by definition, is the outcome of an action. Even bad moments may be reversed and considered luck with the proper perspective. So, if you, the reader, are feeling you need some good fortune… read on.

Luck … be proactive, look for the positive, turn life’s misfortunes into positives. If you, your Senior, or a loved one wakes up, has food, running water, and roof over all heads… 75% of the world would appreciate having your luck.

Perhaps an anticipated event did not quite result in what was expected. Consider the entire picture, surely not everything was horrid. Good food? Good friends? Good music? Good weather? Choose one and feel lucky.

Upset with rules and regulations? Feel fortunate to live in America where opportunities are unlimited. Vote and discuss opinions without fear of retaliation. Worship at the church of your choice. Travel without restriction.

Should a life-changing diagnosis be made, luck may be found with a supporting family, trained and available medical experts, and Medicare (or similar health plans for Seniors) covering expenses.

Luck is captured in memories of a good life and our legacies left behind. America has an abundance of holidays and families who make their own celebrations. Seniors and loved ones have multiple opportunities to create “lucky” moments and pass their heritage to other generations.

Bridge to Better Living, with a motto of “Placement with Passion®” feels every opportunity is luck… and luck takes place every day when Seniors and families trust them to find the appropriate Senior Living. Bridge to Better Living is your lucky charm when looking for assistance transitioning to Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted, or Long Term Care. Contact Bridge to Better Living today…even if you aren’t Irish.