Senior Placement Agency

The search process for a Senior Living Community is a difficult and convoluted journey. Each Senior and their family hold a unique set of requirements for care and accommodations including medical needs, activities, finances, and even food. Balancing these various factors is a challenging task and makes the choice for a Senior Living Option stressful and time-consuming. As a Senior placement service, Bridge to Better Living provides help to Seniors make transitions seamless and stress-free.

How does Bridge to Better Living Work?

Bridge to Better Living assists Seniors and their families to evaluate their needs and wants. Their one-on-one process allows the field of communities to be narrowed down to those fitting their situation. Bridge to Better Living’s initial step is to have the client and/or family meet with a Transition Consultant to discuss key information:

  • Medical needs and existing health issues
  • Budget
  • Preferred location
  • Desired amenities
  • Religious or cultural beliefs

Based on this knowledge, a Transition Consultant is able to suggest communities fitting the client’s needs and desires. A staff Consultant will also arrange tours, accompany a tour, or is present during virtual tours and is always accessible to answer questions or address concerns.

Services Provided by Bridge to Better Living

Transition Consultants at Bridge to Better Living embrace the company motto of Placement with Passion® when researching the most appropriate new homes for their clients. At Bridge to Better Living, Transition Consultants work with you and your Loved One to identify the most appropriate living options. We are with you every step of the way… choosing communities, touring, organizing the details, and will continue to be available after the move.

Bridge to Better Living’s staff of Transition Consultants has a wealth of professional resources and knowledge, making them best suited to provide fast and thoughtful recommendations. There is no need to spend countless hours sorting through extensive lists of Senior care options or wasting time touring facilities not fitting personal requirements. The emotional burden of finding the best home will be reduced as there is an expert accompanying you every step of the way.

What are the Costs Involved?

Bridge to Better Living provides their services at no cost to the client. We work with every community, allowing an all-inclusive approach. Communities appreciate Bridge to Better Living as the client consultations introduce “future residents” fitting their current residents’ lifestyles and the community business philosophy.

The search for Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Assisted, or Long-Term Care in areas served by Bridge to Better Living may leave you feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of available options. There is no doubt determining the best Senior Living is a challenge, which is why a Senior placement agency can be such a huge help. Contact Bridge to Better Living and schedule a consultation. Here you will find the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate this journey. Bridge to Better Living has cared for thousands of Seniors over the course of ten years. Their Placement with Passion® is genuine.