It keeps bodies healthy and minds sharp while providing quality of life. Exercise has many benefits, but unfortunately they are often ignored. The following are tips on how Seniors, especially your loved ones, are able to stay active in their golden years.

Exercise with Them

Offer to sign up for a mutual exercise class or accompany them to the local YMCA during the weekends if you are unable to find time during the week. Many people prefer to work out with a partner and being a supportive workout buddy is a great way to encourage exercise. If there are grandchildren involved, exercise always becomes fun.

Help Find an Enjoyable Exercise

Jogging and brisk walks are not for everyone but many different types of exercises may be better suited for your loved ones. Introduce Yoga, Pilates, strength training, water aerobics, Tai Chi or Zumba. Encourage exercising slowly at first until it seems natural so they are able to enjoy the full benefits of a new exercise routine.

Don’t Let Weather Stop Exercise

Although staying on the couch and watching a movie is more appealing than working out on a blistering cold day it is definitely not as physically productive. Many exercises are performed indoors; simple stretches, yoga poses or merely walking in place. It may be tempting to be inactive during the winter or during the hot summer months but don’t let weather be an excuse.

Small Budgets are not a Deterrent

Gyms may seem expensive with monthly membership fees and the added cost of driving back and forth. Expenses should not be an excuse to avoid exercise as professional equipment and trainers are not a necessity. A good pair of shoes, some workout clothes, and a can-do attitude generally accomplish the goal. Walk outside, purchase a few small weights for indoors and stay in motion.

Exercise is Not All about Results

Your senior loved ones may complain they are “too old” to get physically fit but exercising doesn’t mean a “perfect” body. Exercising at any age offers more flexibility, mobility, and better balance. The goal is to tone bodies and to be healthier every single day.

Encourage Exercise at a Senior Center

If a Senior Center is nearby consider joining a walking group or using the fitness center. Many Senior Centers are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and have trainers on staff. If living at a Senior Retirement Community, fitness centers are usually included in the amenities. Encourage looking at the cost and benefits of moving into a Senior Retirement Community. They offer a sense of fellowship, friendliness, a healthier lifestyle and a worry-free living space.

Exercise Helps Manage Pain

Many Seniors dislike exercise because of pain. Age does sometimes mean waking up with a little less pep in the body but it has been proven exercise improves and helps manage pain. Stretching and simple exercises repeated every day helps muscles and joints. Convince your loved one to do a little bit of stretching or walking daily to help with stiffness or joint pain.


When it’s time to explore Senior Living Communities offering amenities and services to enhance well-being give Bridge to Better Living® a call. Our consultants will assist your loved ones in finding a community best meeting their needs.