Medicine and technology have improved in leaps and bounds since Senior Living Communities first began. As a result, Seniors and their loved ones have become more accustomed to the thought of moving where they will be able to continue a healthy and safe quality of life. However, their expectations are high. The number of people needing assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) has been predicted to significantly increase as the Baby Boomer generation ages. Retirement Living Communities are preparing to meet the demand and continue to stay current of changes and needs of the growing Senior population. In only eleven years (2030) the fastest-growing age group will be those over 65 years, meaning that there will be many changes to the future of Senior Care.

Greater Focus on Hospitality

Seniors expect the same comfort they have enjoyed at home. Communities offer made from scratch meals and provide transportation to outside activities and medical appointments. Assisted Livings are beginning to attach clinics where trained Nurse Practitioners meet the daily needs of the residents. Theaters, banks, fitness centers, and coffee shops help residents feel as if they are living in a small town.

Nursing homes are now termed Skilled Care. This is not only a “friendlier term” but also closer to the truth Seniors no longer are in an institutional environment and with new medical innovations and technology may even have shorter stays. Imagine watching a movie in a theater with others while rehabilitating from a hip replacement. And the popcorn’s included!

More Technology

Seniors are becoming more comfortable with technology such as wi-fi, social media, and home medical treatments. Senior Living Communities are accommodating those needs as quickly and safely as possible. Technology is a welcome addition and benefits Seniors tremendously. Enhanced communication with loved ones via social media with the help of knowledgeable staff enhances family relationships and eases the stress of separation if far from a loved one.

Telemedicine will enable people to seek care remotely. Diagnoses and treatments occur sooner with this modern innovation. Imagine consulting with a physician from the comfort of your room, never stepping outside your door.


In the past decade, Assisted Living has been limited to a structured type of care. Now instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Assisted Living individualizes the care of each resident.

Growth Opportunities

Life does not stop with aging. People of every age are now offered opportunities to enjoy life with ease. Senior Communities now provide on-site access for educational seminars, cultural experiences and intergenerational activities to engage Seniors. An increase in amenities, therapeutic classes, and outside activities is forecast for the future of Senior Care.

Bridge to Better Living

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