Visit regularly if you have a loved one as a resident and offer new interaction. Enjoy time together and maintain a positive approach. If you’re uncertain about how to adapt to their new lifestyle, here are tips to consider and activities to do with your loved one in Long-Term care.

Remember, it is not unusual to feel awkward or uncomfortable when visiting. Residents of Long-Term Care have serious diagnoses, are surrounded by technology and have a higher ratio of medical staff in their surroundings. Activities brought to visits ease emotions and encourage your Senior to be involved in an activity with others. Fun activities to enjoy while visiting your loved one should be simple, one-on-one and engaging.


A scrapbook made with your loved one is effortless to introduce. Memories may be current or from long ago. Holidays are almost here and pictures of past celebrations will surely have your Senior smiling. Younger family members could bring simple crafts such as painting a Christmas ornament and consequently create a memory with their grandparent.


Traditional or digital board games are an enjoyable way to spend time with each other. Similar to crafting, they are a wonderful stimulant for minds and increase positive emotions.

Monopoly, Sorry, Uno, Scrabble or a few hands of a familiar card game are interactive and initiate conversations. If your loved one is open to trying something more “technologically advanced” the facility may have a Nintendo Wii and the entire family could compete in virtual golf, bowling or even dancing. If your Senior would rather watch family antics than participate go ahead and entertain them. Laughter soothes the soul.


Consider going outside and escaping their Long-Term Care lifestyle for a short time to do activities in the fresh air. They may enjoy fresh air in the courtyard, a ride around town or a family event. Discuss this possibility with the staff and if this is possible ask your loved one if they would enjoy the opportunity. Begin planning on wardrobe, time spent and perhaps what they’d like to eat on their excursion.

Mini Spa

When was the last time your loved one was pampered? A mini spa could be a wonderful experience. Bring a variety of lightly scented lotions, essential oils, diffusers and massage tools to give a well-deserved day of relaxation to your loved one. Touch is important and has its own curative powers.

Aromatherapy has become popular and the benefits are endless. Pain management, improved sleep patterns and a reduction in stress levels have been witnessed with aromatherapy. Scents such as Lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary, and Peppermint have additional benefits and are first recommendations.

The first step to improve your loved one’s quality of life is to find the most appropriate community able to meet your loved one’s needs. Bridge to Better Living is dedicated to assisting you to discover the Senior Community options offering services for the needs and wants of our clients. Placement with Passion is our core value and practiced every day. Contact the Transition Consultants at Bridge to Better Living. Remember, our service is always at no cost to the client.