Today you feel terrific, full of energy and gusto… tomorrow? We often forget our health may change with a blink of an eye. It is important for Seniors to remember the seriousness of regular health checkups. Retirees may joke about social calendars filled with medical appointments but with age, bodies require more care. A healthy life depends on regular health checkups. Physicians who have seen a patient consistently know medical histories and are more confident of making the right diagnosis and beginning treatment as soon as possible.

An early diagnosis may have a more positive effect on the outcome of treatment. Consider the following:

  • High blood pressure: Untreated, strokes, aneurysms or heart failure could occur when symptoms of unusual lightheadedness, dizziness, or headaches are ignored. A regular health checkup will reveal if blood pressure is elevated.
  • High cholesterol: Unfortunately the first symptom may be a heart attack. Physicians perform routine lab tests at regular checkups to determine cholesterol levels.
  • Diabetes: The seventh leading cause of death amongst Seniors, diabetes may be recognized by the usual symptoms of frequent thirst and urination, weight loss or dry skin, but a regular checkup will confirm the diagnosis.

Is “regular checkup”  starting to sound familiar? A Senior’s Quality of Life depends on those calendar entries for health monitoring. Routine health checkups with a physician are important but other exams are also essential.

  • Eye exams detect the potential of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or brain tumors.
  • Dental exams and routine cleaning detect diseases such as Chron’s disease, leukemia, acid reflux or heart disease.
  • Hearing exams identify if a hearing loss is due to the aging process or a chronic condition. Balance, a frequent concern of Seniors, has been linked to hearing loss.
  • Vaccinations need to be current. Tetanus, pneumonia, shingles, flu and covid vaccinations help boost immune systems and decrease the possibility of contracting a fatal condition. Check with a physician to see if vaccinations are up to date or need boosters.

Bridge to Better Living hopes their clients experience an unmatched Quality of Life. A Senior who has regular checkups helps provide this reassurance. Bridge to Better Living practices their motto of Placement with Passion® and assists you to find the most appropriate Retirement Option. Health is important to us, and we hope it is important to you. Contact Bridge to Better Living today for your Senior Living Retirement checkup.