March is recognized as Craft Month, although crafts are a year-round enjoyment. Pablo Picasso has been credited with saying “everything you can imagine is real.” Cave paintings, pyramids, toys constructed from corn husks, small engines, and games played with nothing but sticks and stones illustrate the eternal desire of mankind to create.

Seniors have experienced much of the craft evolution. Artisanship in the simplest forms was learned from parents and grandparents. Warm quilts arose from necessity, their creation continuing today as more of an art form. Many a seamstress put aside her sewing needles with the invention of the sewing machine in the 1800’s. Men tended to lean more towards furniture and woodworking, talents both fashioned from need. Assembly lines and factories rendered such carpentry an exceptional and rare form of artistry.

Seniors now choose, rather than feel obliged, to invest in crafts. Handmade items tend to be gifts, heirlooms, or personal décor. Crafts continue, however, to benefit physical and mental well-being despite changes in approach.

When immersed in the creation of an item, artists focus on the craft and tend to forget stressful occasions and worries. Brains are stimulated with the decision process… should we crochet this row or knit one, purl two? Each side of the brain is communicating with the other, causing dopamine (the happy hormone) to be released. Confidence is boosted when projects are completed.

The expression of art by Alzheimer’s patients has been shown to help those who have lost the ability to speak finally express themselves. Art, in any form, is a representation of emotion, especially with those having memory problems.

Modern day technology has presented numerous approaches for those wanting to learn or improve on a craft. Websites exist for artists wanting to sell their creations. If one is unwilling to commit to a craft, simply pick up an adult coloring book and a pack of colored pencils or markers. Creativity is embedded in each of us.

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