The month of January commemorates Quality of Life, feeling one is living at the highest possible physical, mental, emotional, and social level as they age. January is the month to begin reviewing relationships, health, finances, and personal happiness. Reflect on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Be certain the proper care and fulfillment of individual wants and needs are received.

Review Relationships

As we age relationships begin to disappear or weaken due to changing lifestyles. It is essential, especially during these times, to have social interaction. A circle of healthy and strong relationships has been shown to reduce stress, improve healing, offer a heightened sense of purpose and extend one’s lifespan. Take time to reflect on who is important in your life and take the necessary steps to preserve those relationships. Bridge to Better Living works closely with Seniors and their family members to safeguard vital connections and help develop new ones.



Finances are a concern for most Seniors. The pandemic has changed approaches to employment and budgeting, leaving many families and elderly loved ones uneasy when considering future living options. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the importance of saving. Start retirement plans early if possible. A retirement savings account is a best practice to safeguard one’s Quality of Life is free of financial worry. Bridge to Better Living is designed to offer free services including consultations, a unique matching process, and passionate guidance when assisting clients and loved ones choose the best Senior Community for their lifestyle.

Fitness and Health

Quality of Life evolves from remaining active and practicing healthy habits. The perception of thirst lessens in the aging process and Seniors soon forget to drink enough fluids. The average human body is 60% water and without proper hydration headaches, constipation, fatigue, and serious medical complications are apt to occur. Nutrition is important. Foods with higher levels of fiber such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruits work to lower cholesterol and prevent inflammation, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Hearts receive a needed boost when included in a diet including fatty fish high in omega 3. Sources of “good” fat are found in salmon, trout, and sardines.


A healthy mind and body result from being active and engaged. Ask yourself if you or your loved one are receiving the proper amount of healthcare. Do you have access to medications and the treatment necessary for health needs? Are you exercising every day? Try to be outside once a day and walk, even if for short periods of time. Wrap up and recharge your vitamin D in the sunlight with a hot beverage. A minimum of 20 minutes a day spent in fresh air helps to reduce stress and boost immune systems according to askthescientist.com/outdoors. If concerns about COVID-19 prevent you from being outside, practice a variety of exercises indoors. Senior chair exercises are able to be found online and are an ideal safe physical activity. Bridge to Better Living pays attention to your physical needs and is focused on the importance of placing health concerns first. Our one-on-one assistance, provided from first contact and beyond, reflects our motto Placement with Passion®. Quality of Life is important to us. Every client request is addressed, and solutions are transparent. Bridge to Better Living assists clients and loved ones take charge and improve their lives.

Find Happiness

Life is a journey, filled with changes, challenges, and incredible moments. Bridge to Better Living realizes the importance of preserving a current lifestyle and having opportunities to improve. We believe in helping Seniors celebrate depths of wisdom and reach the full potential of their gifts. Please reflect on what constitutes your Quality of Life. Is it a favorite hobby, person, or activity? The ultimate recipe to Quality of Life is all of these, a balance of health, relationships, and pursuits. This January reflect on the search for Quality of Life. Use our guidance today. Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU.